Ancient Egyptian mummified kitten valued at $1,500 to $2,000

An ancient Egyptian mummified cat or kitten is being auctioned on 29-30 Aug 2018 with a guide price of $1,500 to $2,000. You can bid online by clicking on this link. This is probably a kitten, bred specifically for sacrifice and killed in a brutal manner.

Mummified cat from ancient Egypt
Mummified kitten from ancient Egypt. It is 9 inches tall and from the late Ptolemaic period.
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When we think of the ancient Egyptians and cats we think of them as the world’s greatest cat lovers but I think that this is pure BS.

They sacrificed hundreds of thousands of kittens to appease their cat gods. They were found and shipped to the UK to be ground down to make fertiliser. This is not the act of cat lovers. And thousands of wild cats were unearthed from the banks of the Nile. Another act of wanton cat destruction for superstitious reasons.

“…300 years before Christ to 30 years BC in Egypt, cats were bred for the specific purpose to kill them (euphemistically referred to as “euthanase” meaning euthanize) when they were young kittens of 3-5 months of age so that they could be mummified and sold to customers who wanted to offer them up to Bastet.

The mummified kitten (4–5 months of age) studied by Giacomo Gnudi, a professor at the University of Parma, indicated that some of its bones had been broken so that it occupied a smaller space in a tight wrappings. The mummy had a hole in its head. Was this how the kitten was killed? We don’t know. Death may have come in a cruel manner.” (I wrote this years ago)

These were not cat lovers. They were god lovers and highly superstitious, using and abusing the cat to please their gods in the belief that they would benefit. They were ghastly backward people.

So should someone buy the mummy? I don’t think so. The owner will be part of this barbaric history. I don’t think that it is an object of desire. Don’t have a rosy view of the ancient Egyptians because they loved cats. It’s a misconception in my opinion.

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    • Yes, I like to debunk the myths and there is the huge myth about the Ancient Egyptians. They were brutal towards cats.


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