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  1. Poor soul, but how brave to get herself around like that and not just give up and lie in bed all day. Nice that she had a little black cat for company, everyone needs a cat!

  2. It makes me feel sad too, that poor crippled girl, but I think she would have had a lot of comfort from her cat, I’d have loved to see the painting you can’t find.

    • I saw the painting on TV and it is of Christina in a chair with her cat on her chest. Christina was not a young women. She was a country lady in middle age. Her face was quite different to the one I had imagined. That is the power of imagination and I am sure it is one reason why Wyeth painted her with her face hidden.

      • I have not been able to find it, Michael. It was not referenced in my books on the artist. Googleimages showed nothing (I searched through pages upon pages.) Maybe a fellow PoC’er can find it? I really want to find it, too. Glad that you at least got a glimpse. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you go to andrewwyeth.org you will find a beautiful description of his struggles and determination, summed up by, “He learned how to fight and finish a picture, for himself, beyond anything. “Wyeth has struggled with his art. There is nothing facile about it…Early in his career he was a proud protagonist of technique and a keen observer of and philosopher about the materials of painting. Today he argues convincingly that he doesn’t “give a damn” about technique and sometimes tries to lay waste to it. When he finds a subject that he describes as ‘almost perfect for me,’ he is likely, these days, to walk away from it. It is not that he needs a contrived charge to move a jaded eye; it’s more that at seventy-six years of age, he is still maturing creatively, willing to take even more risks than at any time in his career.”

        Oh dear, TMI? I could go on and on with quotes from the page, but then I’m hoping that this will move some of you to visit and discover the pleasure that I did. please do read the bio on the homepage, it is filled with his [rare]intimate morsels that are so sweet, so endearing. I am so grateful to you for putting up this page, Michael!

        The same cat, I think, has been painted by him in a doorway at the Olson’s?

        • Hi Cal. I saw the painting by Wyeth of Christina holding her black cat on her chest as she was sitting in a chair. I saw it on TV. It was an excellent TV programme presented by Michael Palin (Monty Python fame).

          Just could not find the painting on the internet. I am pleased Christina had a cat because her life did not look easy to me. Probably very hard.

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