Angelina the Burmilla was just thrown away…

Angelina the Burmilla was just thrown away…

by Maggie Sharp
(Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)

Angelina at the Hobart Cat Centre

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Angelina at the Hobart Cat Centre

In late 2008 I noticed that there was a Burmilla available at the Hobart Cat Centre, her name was Angelina and although her photo was of poor quality, I could tell she was beautiful.

I'm aware of which breeds are common and uncommon here, and I knew for a fact that there was one Burmilla breeder. I visited her website and came across the kitten page, I took a look and right at the bottom of the page was a picture of Angelina and her kitten, claiming they were both available for new homes...

I thought it was disgusting that anyone could just breed a cat and then, when they couldn't rehome it, they would dump it at a rescue centre, and it was even more disgusting that this person hadn't bred Angelina in the first place. A breeder on the main land had, and was probably unaware that their cat was at the local pound!

That weekend I went to visit Angelina, she was sitting on a ledge with a beautiful Persian cat, though, she didn't like him much... She amazed me straight away, she was white with grey ticked hair, she reminded me a bit of a Black Silver Abyssinian.

She was a shy frightened girl, and I felt so sorry for her. I begged my family to let me take her home, but I was refused, as I had Chilli coming in a few months. I left her broken hearted and angry. I checked on the Hobart Cat Centre website everyday, until her photo disappeared, meaning she'd found a home...

When I check on her original owner's website now I fill with anger and hatred, for she claims that cats are her friends, more so than people. Well, I can gaurantee that I would never leave my friend to such a frightening, uncertain fate...

Now I also realise why she was so keen to get rid of Angelina, she no longer wanted to breed Burmillas, and now she doesn't and has replaced them with Exotic shorthairs... This is an example of what I consider, a bad breeder. Never will I even consider buying a kitten of any breed from her...


Angelina the Burmilla was just thrown Burmilla Cat

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Angelina the Burmilla was just thrown away...

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Jul 10, 2010 **Angelina Update**
by: Maggie Sharp

This update is a fair bit late, folks. I apologise for that.

A while ago I contacted Angelina's breeder. I told her about Angelina, and how I met her at the Hobart Cat Centre. She told me that she did have Angelina in her breeding program, but after retiring her, she thought she'd placed her in a loving pet home, and was quite alarmed to hear that she had been in the Cat Centre.

Angelina's breeder is therefore not to blame for this story, but the irresponsible owner who allowed her to end up in the Hobart Cat Centre is...

May 21, 2010 Breeding
by: Maggie Sharp

You're very right. Not all registered breeders are necessarily good ones. Which is why one must go out of their way to ensure that they are not buying a kitten from a money hungry fool who's aim is to take advantage of these beautiful animals. But some one who is passionate and loves their cats unconditionally. I know cat breeders who are registered and should not be allowed to own cats, and I also know breeders who are not registered, yet they would give their own lives to protect their cats. It really does come down to the individual.

I like registered breeders because they have to agree to certian terms based on breeding, and also because that way you're ensured that there aren't any registered cats who have the same breeding name as your non-registered cat.

When I buy a cat I don't look at the price or whether the cat's registered, I look at the history of the breeder, their breeding and raising methods, and what their cats temperaments are like. As I type this my great big Chilli is lying on me and purring like a chainsaw, so I know that I've done a good job when finding a breeder, as he really is the perfect cat.

May 20, 2010 on breeders
by: kathy

I know a long while back i shared my expierences with cat breeders when I was raising Bengals. The first Bengal I bought was from a woman who had very nice ads in Cat Fancy. When I got to her house she took us downstairs to her basement,where there were no lights on, and proceeded to show us the kitten, cats, and whatever else she had down there. She had large beautiful cages with these beautiful Bengal cats in them. Remember, this was my first dealings with any purebred cats. The kittens were very large and older, Im guessing about 5-6months old. She was a registered Bengal Breeder. The first kitten I picked out seemed very nice, but when I ran my hand down her tail the tail was kincked. I quickly pointed it out to the woman and she said as long as I wasnt going to show not to worry about it. I picked another kitten and when we got her home she stayed under the bed for about 3 weeks. Only coming out to go to the bathroom. When the breeder called to see how she was , when I told her she wanted me to bring her back. For what?? to spend her life in a dark basement having kittens??? I kept her and she did have beautiful kittens. She never did get tame and eventually decided she liked it outside better and one day didnt come back. I still think about her. My second male Bengal I also bought from a registered Breeder who wanted an outragous price for the beautiful Black smoke spotted male. She sold him to me at a discounted price with the neuter contract. When he was old enough I followed my part of the contract witholding the last payment that was to be paid on my receiving his papers. Well guess what that never happened. I ended up with a nuetered male with no papers. The third expierience I had was with another of your so called registered breeders. This kitten died within three weeks of parasites that she had from drinking stagnant water that the breeder insisted the kitten should have its water boiled before drinking. So much for your registered breeders. That woman would not even honor the contract we had signed. Yes I followed my part. The kitten was at the vets the very next day with conjunctivities is both eyes. Because the woman refused to let me hold the kitten at her house insisting we do the paperwork. She had a very beautiful set-up for her cats. She never recovered. I definitly would not even think about leasing my cat out to any registered breeder. And because I am not a registered breeder I dont feel that makes my kittens any lesser quality than a registered breeder. We will be joining the SIMBA group very soon. If anything I think a stud should be leased out to me to breed my cat with. Thats all I have on that subject.

May 20, 2010 To Kathy
by: Maggie Sharp

As I said before, don't take it personally. I wasn't being aggressive towards you, I was unaware that you previously bred cats.

If the breeder is having issues with related cats, I would suggest that he leases a stud who is a complete outcross to any of his lines. Or, if he's really desperate, he could spay and neuter the majority of his breeding stock, and perhaps keep 1 entire male, and 2 entire females. That way he'll have room for more cats which he would have to purchase from other breeders.

May 19, 2010 To Maggie
by: kathy

I was a little hurt by your comment. I actually was a bengal breeder a few years ago. And I do know quite a bit about genetics and other things that go along with breeding of any animals. I was quit an avid bird breeder and kept miticulous records. As far as leasing out my baby, that could never happen. She is my BABY. Not just some cat that is part of a breeding program. I took her along with us to the breeders on Sunday to pick up her papers and to see the new litter of kittens that he has. I thought it would be good socialization for her since Im considering showing her. Im sure you are aware of the Savannah cat attitude. We returned the first kitten we bought because she was, shall we say not tame. Who by the way still is not tame or handleable. These are F-6 kittens. Arora is so sweet that you would not know she is related to these kittens. Her full sister is also a growly pants cat. Well out of her comfort zone little sweet Arora was a full blown cat with an attitude while we were at the breeders. She was growling, hissing, and snapping. Not just at them but at us too. I took her out of the carrier, she was on leash and collar, she walked a little bit and only would let me touch her. When we got her home she was so glad to see Lia she would not leave him alone. I was afraid she would bring some of her attitude with her but she did not. She is her sweet lovable self. And as far as being a registered breeder, theres still time for me to do that. All that stuff is expensive. My breeder is a registered Savannah breeder and he cant even get the birth date right on Aroras papers. When I got home they have the wrong date on them. Any way with only one Savannah, does that make me not know what Im doing??? I was only asking for advice on the how to find a stud issue, and my breeder was asking me the same questions because now he has a cattery full of related cats. I found six littermates on my cats pedigree that he didnt even know about. Go figure!!

May 15, 2010 Breeder of Burmillas
by: Michele

sad to read Angies a long term registered breeder of burmilla I am often asked to rehome burmillas, some bred by me (not often) and a fair few by other breeders. Most Burmilla breeders will rehome the cats they have bred, if they are asked to by the owner, but so many times breeders are not even aware the cat has been dumped. All the Burmilla breeders I know and work with desex everything before placement and only sell to other breeders they know and who have approved breeding programs. I would like to know who this breeder is who bred this can email me through my website at
Michele Ristuccia - Miamber Burmilla and Burmese

Mar 06, 2010 To Kathy
by: Maggie Sharp


A breeder who will give just anyone breeding privilages is, in my eyes, quite irresponsible. Don't take this personally, as you seem like a good cat owner, but you're not a registered breeder, and to breed cats you also need knowledge of genetics, kitten raising, birth issues etc... If I were you, I'd lease her to someone for perhaps one litter, so they can raise the kits, and then you can spay her. Or spay her with out breeding.

Just because you've been given breeding privilages doesn't mean you HAVE to breed her, she's your cat, the breeder should have kept her f he wanted her to have litters, or at least sold her to another breeder...

Mar 02, 2010 on breeding
by: kathy

When I purchased our Savannah kitten Arora we also received the breeding priveleges on her. What good are they if you dont own a bunch of cats. You just dont see cat breeders standing their stud cats our to stud. So now I am faced with this delima of how do I find a stud for her. The breeder seemed OK with me bringing her back to him for breeding but then what would he do,? charge me an outrageous stud fee or pick of the litter??? He said he just hadnt worked that out yet. Plus so far the only studs he has are the kittens father or that Serville cat who is 10 times bigger than she is and not all that tame. So this morning I was thinking about it. Do I purchase a male Savannah who will probaly be outrageously expensive and will never be able to afford him and how do I make living accomadations for him without upsetting my baby Lia. Im at a standstill right now. Or there is always the option of breeding her to a domestic and messing up the pedigree. But they say anything you breed a Savannah to is considered a Savannah, right?? There always is my friends cat Tiger who is who knows what. Any suggestions out there?? We still have a while because she is only 3 months old but I need to work on it. I sure dont see any cats for stud out there anywhere. I would like her to have at least one or two litters. Im not planning on becoming a breeder in our small house. There also isnt a big market for high priced cats in the area where I live outside of Chicago. I also dont like selling my kittens to just anyone.

Feb 28, 2010 Breeding
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Maggie. Even your "worst pictures" are good - you must have the eye for it.
I like what you say about becoming a breeder. Actually the breeders I know personally seem to be the same kind of people that you know.
They are all good, responsible persons, who are dedicated to their particular breed. They care about their cats, so they won't just sell to anybody. They set up contracts with strict terms to guarantee the welfare of the cats and and theytry to keep in touch with the cats they sell.
They are not running mills, but breed a limited number of cats in their own home. I doubt any of them make any money on it - on the contrary. We all know the expenses connected with having cats and when you are a breeder and going to the shows there are plenty more. So even if you are able to sell 10-12 kittens a year, that really won't cover much of a family's budget... For these people it's a hobby, not a livelihood.
That said - I don't aprove of extreme breeding that neglects the well-being of the cat neither. It mainly goes on in certain breeds that we all know of, but also inbreeding can become a problem, if it results in more unhealthy kittens.

Finn Frode avatar

Feb 27, 2010 Thanks, Michael
by: Maggie Sharp

I really want to be an Aby breeder one day, which is why I completely understand what you're saying, I'm friends with many breeders, some of which I would never adopt a kitten from if my life depended on it, and others would give their lives for their cats.

I like the breeders won't let you get adopt their cats unless you agree to certain terms, and guarantee certain things...

Cat breeders do get very disappointed when the owners don't keep in contact or move away, but in that case you really are limited as to what you can do...

All the photos I take are mine, unless a copyright is given for someone else's work... Angelina's photos is actually one of the worst photos I've ever taken, but now I'm using a DSLR camera which allows me to take far better quality photos. =)

Feb 27, 2010 Hi Maggie
by: Michael

Although I believe that there is a place in the world for cat breeders (responsible cat breeders) I feel that it is very difficult to reconcile making money out of the creation of cats. It seems somehow unnatural particularly when there are so many beautiful but unwanted cats around just waiting to find a decent home.

I, personally, have a slight problem with it. But I realise this is a personal thing and I am not saying cat breeding is wrong. I just feel that the cat associations should look at the wider picture and ensure that what they do is 100% ethical. I am thinking for example about the contemporary flat faced Persian that is inherently unhealthy. I really don't see how the breeding of such a cat can be justified with the state the domestic cat world is in (abandoned cats and all).

So, I feel like you. We don't know exactly what breeders get up to. How many cats are abandoned. rehomed or euthanised by cat breeders if the cat is not up to standard? How many become ill, live short lives and die?

Most I am sure are highly proficient and responsible but some are not and more should be done by the associations to deal with the bad ones, I think.

Thanks for another good posting and a nice picture. If these are your photos, you take a very good photograph, Maggie.

Michael Avatar

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