Angry Cat Won’t Let Owner into Cupboard (video)

This is a video which I find disturbing. People seem to find it amusing. It is meant to be amusing but as I said I think it is disturbing. The way I see this video is not from the person’s point of view but from the cat’s point of view. I see a domestic cat who is anxious, distressed and who has taken up a defensive position and in doing so is aggressive. This cannot be a state of affairs which is acceptable in a household.

The cat’s owners should ask themselves what is going on by which I mean they should ask themselves how they got their cat into this state because it is they who have created this situation.

I do not think that this cat is defending a cupboard. The cat is simply being aggressive towards the woman. He sees the woman’s hand coming towards him and attacks it. It is as if the cat sees the woman’s hand as an act of aggression towards him and he responds with his aggression.

And, therefore, it seems to me that the relationship between this woman and this cat is a fraught one. It is not a good relationship. That is what the video suggests in any case.

It may be that there has been some dispute between the person and the cat in the past which has left the person feeling uneasy around their cat. The person does not trust the cat and the feeling is reciprocated.

In the background is a man who eggs the woman on. I presume that this is for the sake of the video. He is making the video and he wants the cat to be aggressive towards the woman who I presume is his daughter. That is also not a very clever thing to do if you are thinking about cat welfare as I am.

This is definitely a case for Jackson Galaxy because it looks to me as if this is the Cat From Hell in the classic description from an ignorant person’s perspective. In truth though it could be better described as the House From Hell from the cat’s perspective.

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  1. I do agree with everyone’s comments on this issue___
    But am also wondering why the cat was on the kitchen counter to begin with? did they toss him up there to antagonize him while filming his fear and anguish?

    A good cat parent would have gently trained his or her pet not to jump on the counter or kitchen table to begin with.
    Nothing Funny About this video.
    I hope this cat finds a better set of friends.

    One Note of WARNING_A cat will behave in very unusual ways and quite out of the ordinary if he has an extreme health problem or is under mental duress.

  2. You all stated it very well. I don’t even have to watch the video; I already know that people do this kind of thing and one glance at the photo is enough to see what’s going on. It seems most people are so, so stupid and cruel even with their own cats.

  3. This shows how stupid people can be who don’t know a thing about cat behavior. They shouldn’t have this cat or any cats.
    Jackson Galaxy would have a field day training these people, but I doubt if they’ll call on him. They’re having fun, using the cat’s aggression, with no regard to the cat’s emotional state.

  4. Cats will misdirect aggression it’s hard to determine what’s going on here without understanding why the cat was in defense mode. Reminds me of the Christmas ? video of the cat jumping and attacking the person ripping on presents. You get a brief window into the situation. Putting a few treats on the floor would have probably dislodged the cat and broke the fear aggression. Put’em down and walk away for a few.

  5. Shame on both of them! The woman is stalking the cat with her behavior and the cat is defending himself. Sadly, the people are to STUPID to see what they have done to the cat and the cat will suffer in the long ru at their hands. πŸ™


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