Angry looking Ragdoll cat

Why does this Ragdoll look so angry all the time? There can only be two possible reasons (1) he IS angry all the time or (2) his face just looks like he is angry. It is a false impression. The second reason is clearly the right one. It begs the question whether domestic cats can look angry when they are in a relaxed, non-aggressive state. They can’t. The only time you see angry cat faces is when they are being aggressive and before fighting. Ragdolls, as you know, are known for their laidback temperaments which makes this facial expression particularly surprising. His name is Merlin.

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  1. I virtually admire this fascinating picture of an angry-looking Ragdoll cat. The depth in its eyes and furrowed brows provide the cat such personality and charm. It’s a testament to the splendor and range of these brilliant pussycat companions. Thanks for sharing this interesting snapshot!


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