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“Angry Vets” Challenge Recommendations That Veterinarians Are Taught to Give Their Patients — 2 Comments

  1. You can review most vets on sites like yahoo. The real problem is when a vet is reported to the state’s veterinary board if the vet in question is found to have not violated the veterinary practice act they complaint is for all purposes shredded. You couldn’t even see it under the freedom of information act because it’s gone.
    Even in my case where the vet was given a 250 dollar fine and ordered to specifically take 4 extra hours of continuing education in pharmacology it’s not on the state web site. A vet who was stuffing not only my cat but who know how many other with an overdose using a 16 year old pharmacology book should make the SVB wonder what else she’s doing. Her status is active/practicing.
    Pissed off consumer is another one, as is Reddit.
    BTW if customers would stop taking that crappy corn SD they vets hand out they might stop handing it out.
    Consumers need to educate themselves. I learned the hard way. I have a beloved pet in urn on a shelf above my head.
    My other two cats now have a list of drugs in several classes listed on their charts as not allowed without owners permission. I have a vet who gets it. She listens when I ask a question.
    BTW customers often complain after opting to get the cheapest treatment possible. That goes for vaccines. Safer medications, better food. In general if you are attracted to a site like this you are already proactive in your pets health.
    There are some chemical spay and neuter drugs.
    Span and neuter modify behaviors that often lead to a cat being dumped , what is called a feral. And without fail someone with intact pets manage to let them roam. Chemical you can bet someone isn’t going to keep up with the protocol.
    Veterinary service is also a reflection on the consumer who wants it all for a dollar.
    I know why that dip wad of a vet used enrofloxacin. It works. She doesn’t have to do a thing but pump it into an animal and get near instant results. Of course she’s not thinking about the long term effect of using this drug like candy. The woman referred to it as a Top Shelf drug. I nearly choked. I have about a foot high stack of peer reviewed papers she might want to spend some time reading. She’s one step up from going to the Barber to get bled. Sorry for the rant.

  2. Thanks for your well written summary. I was pleasantly shocked to find this site. I’d love to find like more minded vets, because there have to be more kindred spirits, who haven’t “sold their soul to the company store”. (lyrics from a 60’s song, I believe.)

    The “thinking cat caretaker” is desperately seeking conscious vets, and rather than put their money into high priced crappy prescription diets, with the first ingredient listed usually as corn, they would willingly pay for true care.

    What is needed is a website that posts pet guardian experiences with vets, along with review ratings. This could be a membership site, or small fee based. If I had the money to invest, I’d do it myself. Someone will have the vision and financial ability to see this happen.

    If anyone knows of such a site, please share it with us!

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