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Animal abusers are getting away with it both in the UK and the USA — 3 Comments

  1. Even with animal cruelty laws pets are still seen as personal property in most legal systems. It causes conflict in sentencing. Judges here will weigh a jail sentence over community service and a fine if the person accused would lose their job and have a family. Somehow that dead starved kittenpuppyhorse loses value and consideration in the law when it might impact someone’s ability to bring home the paycheck.

    • We still do not value animals highly enough. Nowhere near highly enough. A lot of people see them as an asset to be used for financial gain.

      • When your pet has a market value of the price you paid to adopt it courts don’t assign more. In fact Judges are as bound by the law in many cases of what then can and cannot consider.
        Even with the connection between animal cruelty , killing and mutilations and future crimes being a real possibility against humans our legal system still falls down on the ground when it comes to how we treat these people.

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