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Animal Action Should Not Distract Us From Self-Analysis — 4 Comments

  1. I’m not a believer that any animal, especially dogs and cats, are born with “bad character”.
    The only bad characters are humans.
    The dog is merely a puppy and should be well into training at 8 months old if his caretakers are caretaking. He should, also, be under their very watchful eyes.
    I took the time to check out Bakersfield’s animal laws, and it’s clear that the dog caretakers were in violation of their leash law.
    I’m, also, still bothered that the child’s mother took off and abandoned him right after the brief attack.

    • You make some good points, Dee. It hadn’t occurred to me that the dog’s owners may be in breach of state or local leash laws. I just feel that some digging around needs to be done to find out why this dog ended up doing what he did because what he did is totally out of line with being a domesticated animal. He behaved more like a wild dog attacking prey. Something happened to get him to that state and it would be nice to know what it was.

  2. I’d bet my last dollar on it being entirely human. Perhaps a bad experience with children before. Perhaps just living in an abusive home – either way the dog is unstable and it’s not going to be the dog’s fault so one has to assume this dog is probably already a victim.

    Or not. I just do’t understand how dogs work in this kind of situation. What’s their motivation to attack the kid etc.

    But the way the dog went for it means there was no question – he was absolutely sure of what he was trying to do to the child. So why do this to a child on a bike? There must have been a bad experience in the past. A negative association. I can’t imagine he was hunting. It’s actually pretty disturbing.

    And on top of it all – the dog will be killed.

    The dog did something wrong. The dog must die.

    • There is actually quite a lot to discuss when we discusse what happens to this dog. It is almost a failing, once again, of the process of domestication of dogs is occasionally the process throws up these sorts of failings.

      I agree that the dog is already a victim in behaving in an undomesticated way which pretty much puts him on a conveyor belt to extinction because his raison d’être is to be a domestic animal and a companion to humans.

      For whatever reason, and that reason must be linked to humans, this dog has stepped out of line and is doomed unless a miracle happens.

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