Animal advocacy community angered after smiling emoji posted after kitten was chased and kicked

Sasolburg Technical College, Kroonstad Technical College and Mphohadi College of Education merged in 2000 to form Flavius Mareka TVET College. This week they’ve angered the animal advocacy community with their response on Facebook after a kitten was chased and kicked. Their response to the kitten being rescued and receiving care was answered with a smiling emoji (see photo below)

Screenshotted before Flavius removed comment
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Although Flavius Mareka allegedly lied by stating they had taken the injured kitten, now dubbed Kibo, to the veterinarian. Kitten and Cat Rescue are the ones who saved Kibo and saw the sweet little kitty got medical care.

The good news is Kibo tested FIV/FeLV negative and should be fine. She has slight bleeding on the liver, probably from being kicked, but her vet says she should recover.

It took a few hours between the time Kibo was kicked and the time she was handed off to the rescue since she had to be caught after being injured. Unfortunately, no case can be reported, since the key witness is fearful for her life if she has to testify.

Kibo has slight bleeding on her liver from being kicked

For future reference, should anyone comes across any animal abuse incident and would like to stand up for the little ones, the complainant must lay charges at their local police station in terms of Section 2(1)(a),(q) and (r) of the Animals Protection Act No 71 of 1962 against the accused of animal cruelty.

The complainant must provide the police with an affidavit, veterinary report, and photos of the abused animal. Apparently, the legal system in South Africa is as difficult to navigate as the legal system in the U.S.

One person who contacted the college got a response back stating

“We acknowledge your communique with regard to this matter and assure you that it is receiving our utmost attention. The college has assigned a Management staff member to deal with this matter as it is very delicate serious. Mrs. Johnette Pienaar, our Academic Head for Business studies in Sasolburg Campus is currently the person handling this matter. Feel free contact her on the office line 016 976 0829 or via her email at

You are also welcomed to contact the Principal’s office 016 976 0815 or on email at

Earnest regards”

According to the rescue, Kibo has a forever home waiting for her once she recovers. Someone who will be patient with her until she learns to trust humans again.

Kitten and Cat Rescue was founded in 2012 by vegans living in Vanderbijlpark (Gauteng, South Africa) who tutor maths, science, and accounting from home. They’ve been rescuing animals for a few years now and also feed and sterilize the ferals in the area.

The Facebook: Flavius Mareka TNET page has taken a beating since Kibo’s story went viral on social media. Please feel free to leave them a comment and read comments left by other angry animal advocates.

Updates will be posted on the Kitten and Cat rescue page.

Any additional information omitted or if you’d like to offer an opinion feel free to do so in the comment section.

Note: The emoji screenshot was quickly removed from the page and some suggest Flavius Mareka TVET may have been mistaken by using a laughing face. Should this have been the case, it would seem Flavius Mareka TVET would have announced it was a mistake.


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5 thoughts on “Animal advocacy community angered after smiling emoji posted after kitten was chased and kicked”

  1. I’d like to see all the dumb ass mother fuckers thrown out of college on their pathetic dumb asses! Stupid ass fuckers don’t deserve an education!

    • All grants , student loans and any financial aid should be withdrawn and prohibited in the future these monsters as well as admission to any school that takes taxpayer funds. The world is full of people looking for a chance to make their lives better and the lives of those around them we don’t need to support human garbage.
      I am 100% in favor of the three strikes you’re out rule we had in many states. Most of us go through life without ever being arrested or having the police called on us. I am in favor of sentences that protect citizens who obey the law over fairness for serial criminals. Prisons have become houses of pity where we’re supposed to feel sorry for someone who just had it bad. Most of the world has it bad and they rise above it.

  2. I will never understand how people can be this cruel. This is not a good direction for college students to be heading towards. Thank you Kitten and Cat Rescue for saving Kibo and providing her with veterinary care. May she have a healthy, happy life in her new forever home.


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