Animal advocates’ $7000 reward to find polygamous community cat shooters

Animal advocates in southern Utah have stumped up a $7k reward to find out who is shooting at cats and dogs in the area. The area is Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona places were you’ll find the crumbling remains of the polygamous, fundamentalist Mormon community.

Animal advocates' $7000 reward to find polygamous community cat shooters
Mormon community Utah. Girls in long dresses play on top of a shipping container home. Photo: Seattle Times
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This isolated community, living in a bygone age, is crumbling. They are living in shipping containers among the dramatic backdrop of blue skies and copper-red mountains. Apparently they shoot at cats and dogs. Bearing in mind what appears to be abject poverty, I wonder if they are shooting cats for food; a cat eating polygamous community. Cat meat is alive and dead in Utah.

The modern world has intruded into this out of date world and it appears to have destroyed it with welfare fraud, child sex abuse and the imprisonment of the community leaders’ resulting in this dire state of affairs.

To be clear polygamous marriages are those where the man has several wives (‘sister wives’). The Mormons call it ‘plural marriage’ – a nice euphemism. The wives keep their hair long so it can used to anoint and wash their husband’s feet in the afterlife. It is definitely backward and it has undertones of the status of women in Saudi Arabia or indeed Muslim women in general.

The key issue for me and this website is that allegedly someone, or persons unknown, from the Mormon community is shooting at cats and dogs. Is it for fun or for food? Either way it is criminal in my book and the animal advocates of the area want it stopped.

Animal rescue clinic director Kelli Stokes has received reports of these shootings. Her organization is RSQ Dogs. They have been offering the reward in June. A cat and dog have been shot. They survived and are recovering.

The $7k is made up of $2 from the community and $5k from HSUS.


Seattle Times online. The Seattle Times did not refer to the Mormons but generically to a ‘polygamous community’. My research is clear: fundamentalist Mormons inhabit Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona.

4 thoughts on “Animal advocates’ $7000 reward to find polygamous community cat shooters”

  1. These enclaves of human suffering full of child and spousal abuse should be rooted out like rats infesting a field. I do not hold any religion in high regard and even less fundamental fragments of all of them including the LDS church which remains at the top of my list of why I hate religions.
    I once pushed the subject that many of our ‘modern’ and supposed reformed churches still relegate women as lower forms of life despite trying to update the public image for more members thus taking in more money. Having lived in Utah for over 5 years I can only say that women there are little more than breeders and child attendants. Interesting to say that I see my in-laws immersion into a local fundamental baptist type church having the same effect. When you see other humans as less than equal and I don’t care how you play out the reasons why animals will always suffer. The Amish have some of the worst puppy mills on the planet. It would seem by casual direct observation that the closer any group or person is to a god the less the regard those around them and that includes pets and livestock and wildlife. I suspect the cat killing Bitterroot Valley Calvary Chapel of being the fundamental(ly) ill type churches that attracts the very people who are not bothered at all by what is going on. Until they get caught of course. They posted this little ditty from their holy book -Romans 5:3-4 English Standard Version (ESV)
    3 Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, 4 and endurance produces character, and character produces hope,

    If you can’t see the backward mentality that they feel they are the ones suffering you might be tossing coins in the collection plate.

  2. Maybe not a case of the modern world intruding, maybe it as invited in? These mormons are only troublesome primates the same all over the world, after all

    When religion and animals have some kind of clash over needs or transgression, the animal advocates will always have a very tough fight on their hands.

    Add the apathy of the authorities to the mix and it looks even bleaker for the animals not yet shot.

    Incredulously “God told me to do it” has been used as mitigation before.


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