Animal advocates beg public to adopt dozens of kittens before they are ‘murdered’ by council

The language of the title is strong, I agree, but essentially correct. The story concerns a 90-year-old woman living in Sydney, Australia with dozens of kittens and strays.

Living in a house in Australia with dozens of kittens and their parents is like a young antelope living in the Serengeti surrounded by a pride of hungry lions. This pensioner’s lifestyle could not last because the Australian authorities are particularly fierce when it comes to cat ownership and stray cats.

People need to adopt the kittens in order to save their lives.
Feeding the cats inside her home. Photo: Facebook.
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The pensioner lives in Kingsford, one of Sydney’s suburbs. It is the usual scene, mess and faeces, but this case is marked out by the animal advocates who are desperately trying to save the kittens (she particularly liked kittens – who doesn’t?).

“They do not deserve a death sentence so I am appealing to the public to help me help these innocent souls. This is very distressing for me as I believe every animal deserves to live!! But come Tuesday if cats are still at this property they will be trapped and murdered.”

Vanessa Covic

Randwick Council plans to euthanise (kill is the more accurate word) the cats by tomorrow unless people come forward to adopt them.

Rescue groups tried to help the woman avoid ending up in this situation by paying to have the cats sterilised two years ago but to no avail. The end is nigh for these kittens unless something remarkable happens.

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