Animal Control officer accused of unlawfully practicing veterinary medicine

Harris County, Texas, USA: Jeanna Ruth Hooker, 56, an Animal Control officer working out of the Deer Park Animal Control facility has been charged with three counts of practicing veterinary medicine without a license in neutering two red tabby cats at her workplace on July 29th.

Jeanna Ruth Hooker, 56

Jeanna Ruth Hooker, 56. from Pasedena, an Animal Control officer accused or unlawfully practicing veterinary medicine.

It appears that the two cats concerned died because, according to the report on the Click2Houston website a witness informed the authorities that two male orange tabby cat appeared dead in an isolation room. They were taken to a veterinary hospital.

The criminal court documents stated that Hooker, “does not have a license to conduct veterinary practices and the shelter does not have a veterinarian that would supervise such a procedure at the facility”.

Hooker said that she neutered the cats because she wanted them to be barn cats. If this is true it is an admission of guilt.

She has been arrested and has posted a bond (is out on bail awaiting trail) and due to attend court non Oct 10 next.


The male cat neutering operation is the removal of the cat’s testicles.

“The operation is not difficult or invasive, and the cat can often go home the same day.” – Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook 3rd edition.

Perhaps Hooker believed she could do the operation as it is relatively straightforward. However, as mentioned, the cats appear to have died (this needs to be checked). This is the first case of its type that I have discovered on the internet in 12 years. It is intriguing because the cost of neutering male cats is not high. And she took a huge risk in allegedly doing this both for herself (loss of job and criminal record) and the cats (loss of life?). And there is a witness. She made a very bad decision.

We need more information on this story and I’ll search for it. If a visitor can provide more news on this please add a comment. Thanks in advance.

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