Animal Control officer allegedly killed 2 male cats by trying to neuter them unsupervised

This is the strange story of an Animal Control officer, Jeanna Ruth Hooker, 56, working in Harris County, Texas, USA. She worked out of the Deer Park Animal Control facility.

Jeanna Ruth Hooker, 56. from Pasedena, an Animal Control officer accused or unlawfully practicing veterinary medicine.
Jeanna Ruth Hooker, 56. from Pasedena, an Animal Control officer accused or unlawfully practicing veterinary medicine.
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It is alleged that she acquired to male, ginger tabby cats. We don’t know how she acquired them but she decided that she wanted them to be barn cats. And she also decided that she was going to neuter them herself. No veterinarian was present at the facility so she wasn’t supervised in any way.

Allegedly, therefore, she performed the operation herself without assistance. It is a simple operation for a trained veterinarian but we are told that a witness saw two male orange tabby cats dead in an isolation room. This appears to be evidence that Jeanna Hooker, performed the operation badly resulting in the death of the cats. But we don’t have evidence to connect these two pieces of the jigsaw.

We are told that she’s been arrested and has been charged with three counts of practicing veterinary medicine without a license in neutering two red tabby cats at her workplace on July 29th. She is out on bail having posted a bond and is due to attend court again on October 10, 2019.

I have written about this story very recently. But it appears that the title I used was not well received so I trying again to see what happens. The point I’m making in this post is that allegedly she has killed two cats which is achieving the exact opposite, in essence, to which she is employed to achieve. If the allegations are true, she behaved recklessly and in breach of her job description and in breach of the law. It is a clear case of animal cruelty.

Animal control workers are meant to care for animals in their custody. They may have to arrange for veterinary treatment and, for example, educate the public on licensing and laws and such like.

I have used the word “allegedly’ a lot because the story is very damaging to this woman. It should be an act of gross misconduct and breach of her contract resulting her firing. Add to that a fine on conviction and no chance of getting back to animal services again and this is an enormous problem for this woman. If it is all true what compelled her to such an act of reckless mismanagement?

It would be nice to have more information. The story comes from the Click2Houston website.

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