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Animal Control officer dumped weak rescued kitten in woods — 6 Comments

  1. That worthless piece of garbage! The poor kitten probably didn’t survive the night having been eaten by wild animals.

    • Yes, it sickens me to think about it. And he got away with it because…no one in authority cares and he’s an Animal Control officer.

  2. This really incites my anger. Re-educate? Was this “animal control officer” ever educated properly in the first place? With basic common sense, even a child could understand that this kitten needed help to survive.😱 I fear that it is too late for this poor baby, but miraculously he may have survived. I hope that they find him.😢

    • Do you really have to ‘educate’ an adult that it’s not appropriate to dump a sick kitten in the woods ? He should have been fired. Logic says this wasn’t his first dumping of an animal.

  3. By definition no animal control officer has the right to decide to take a sick helpless kitten into the woods to let it die a slow painful death. He needs to be fired.

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