Animal Control Officer is an Animal Hoarder

Animal control officer charged with animal cruelty

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A animal hoarding situation is taking place in the town of Pompey, New York, which is in the Syracuse area. WSYR reported the story September 30. A video can be seen here (update 21st Oct 2016 – link broken – sorry).

Unfortunately, this tragedy involves an animal control officer, Susan Snavlin, who is believed to be around 61 years old. She has been an Animal Control Officer for the Town of Pompey since 2003, and was paid $4,400 a year for performing that job. Snavlin has resigned her position after being charged Monday with more than 150 counts of animal cruelty after more than 200 dogs and 50 cats were found at her dairy farm home on Tully Farms Road.

Central New York SPCA (CNY SPCA) Chief Investigator and Executive Director Paul Morgan said investigators went to the home after a tip came in on Monday. Someone had recently seen a large number of dogs on the property, but didn’t have an address. That person obtained the address, and reported it to the SPCA.

A total of 73 animals were removed from the property on Monday, where the SPCA staff continued removing animals until dark. Monday’s removal was mostly small dogs, unsocialized and covered in urine and feces. Then another 150 to 200 were removed on Tuesday. All of the animals are said to have been living in deplorable conditions. It will take a few days for a veterinarian to examine each cat and dog for health problems.

The seized animals were taken to the CNY SPCA, who posted an update Tuesday evening on their Facebook page, along with the notice they’ll be closed Tuesday and Wednesday to care for the seized animals. The CNY SPCA is also in need of donations for these animals.

“If you’ve been watching the news you know that we are caring for over 200 more animals. This large volume requires more of items such as: bleach, laundry soap, blankets and towels. If you happen to have a chance to drop any of these off (and you can leave them outside the front door, we’ll bring them in) it would be most welcomed.”

They’re also in need of playpens to hold some of the puppies in their care. If you can’t help locally, donations can be made at the CNY SPCA website. Several dozen donations have already been dropped off to help care for the animals.

According toΒ an interview with Syracuse News, Pompey Town Supervisor Carole Marsh believes Snavlin had good intentions and just got in over her head. Marsh did say she visited the animals Tuesday and they all appeared to be well fed.

“I really think she had a very big heart, and she just didn’t ask for help. I know how she loves animals, and I think it just got too much for her.”.

This isn’t a case where a person just kept a lot of animals. The Pompey Town Supervisor says Snavlin was inspected on March 19 by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets and passed inspection. It’s unknown whether this was a special inspection, or a routine inspection. Whatever happened to create such poor conditions has happened over the past six months.

Marsh has spoken to Snavlin, who says “she was sorry and she felt very bad.” Snavlin doesn’t wish to go on camera or be interviewed.

Marsh went on to add most of the animals will be available for adoption in the near future.

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21 thoughts on “Animal Control Officer is an Animal Hoarder”

  1. Sorry Kylee, but I must take issue with your comment about you being glad you don’t live in America. Where is it that you live that is pet and animal free? Because abuse happens EVERYWHERE where there are animals. Starving packs of dogs made the news as they roamed the Olympic area in Russia last winter. Soldiers tell us of the homeless dogs and cats that roam the middle east. Aide workers talk of how animals are treated in Africa and South America. I have seen starving cats on the streets of Paris. Don’t blame America!

    1. You are absolutely correct CaronC. America is very transparent on the internet. There is a lot of information about animal welfare compared to say in China. Americans are the biggest users of the internet and that might give the wrong impression. Animal abuse is far worse to my knowledge in the East: Vietnam, China, Cambodia, these places sorts of places. America has excellent animal welfare laws. Even the UK, so called animal lovers, has a decent amount of animal abuse of various kinds.

  2. I know that I seem to be a little softer on a few (definitley not most) of these situations.

    But, my attitude stems from my deep hatred of kill shelters and anyone who supports them.

    I see an 80-90% euthanasia rate for unwanted animals to be at the root of why some people would “collect” them as opposed to allowing them to be killed.

    I won’t offer any “excuse” for this woman or anyone; but, I’m a believer that the job she did would put anyone with a conscience over the edge. The only animal services workers that I have contact with that maintain their jobs are those that have “dead eyes” and walk around like they are numb.

    There is a SYSTEM problem; not a people problem.

    1. Yes i see your point, but then in the same breath what got accomplished? You are doing the killing yourself, instead of letting a kill shelter do it. I do not support a kill shelter in the least, but it would seem more humane to put some animal down than to allow these brainless people with cold indifferences to continue on a course of tragedy. Cause in the end, they caused more suffering and torture than if a shelter humanely put them down. Both are extreme and both are a danger to those who value and truly have a healthy concern for animals. It’s got to end some where and soon!

      1. I have a better understanding of why people would just turn their cats and dogs loose in the forest to fend for themselves instead of having them killed too.
        This happens a lot. And, will continue to happen until kill shelters close their doors.

        1. I would never understand why a person would turn their beloved animal out anywhere to fend for themselves because of a kill shelter. Can you imagine one moment that while that animal is put out where ever that might be, some wild animal comes along that is larger and more powerful and gashes and slashes its flesh with its sharp teeth. Tearing and ripping away the flesh while the beloved pet runs to survive only to be over powered and more razor sharp tugs at the flesh with important arteries being struck and a down pour of blood until the animal bleeds out? What a horrible way to go. Yes, i said it before a no kill shelter is a horrible and inexcusable solution, but what is the lesser of two evils? Until a patch is in place to start with a fresh approach to its problem, what should be done that isn’t? I would have to also assume that people are also the problem. People carry animals to these types of shelters on a daily basis. Perhaps some areas are small and not a lot of choices. I feel fortunate that where we live there is a lot of No Kill shelters available. I realize other areas perhaps do not have those choices, yet abandoning an animal anywhere is never the wisest of choice. There are too many other forces at work that can kill an animal out to fend on its own.

      1. Michael! if in the west, you have so many welfare organizations who are working to spay/ neuter the cats or dogs. My question: do you think they are doing as much effected job as is required?

        What is the annual ratio of spaying/ neutering the cats and dogs and what it should actually be?

        I hate those animal agencies who kill cats and dogs in GAS CHAMBERS and AAAaaah CRUELTY in the worst can be defined in such cases. πŸ™

        I saw a video of killing dogs in a big GAS tub and close the tub and releasing the GAS, most of them died with a lot of pain after opening the tub within 30 minutes life span. Is this not cruelty. A painful half life/ half death.

        Why can’t we not understand that these animal population control agencies may adopt another method if (and only if) it is necessary to the LAST POINT (JUST KILL THE ANIMAL) to be alter the method of killing and give them an instant death without pain. They are not criminals, they can become pets and social animals. They are part of the society. They are the beauty of nature. If not! so what are they??? I am stressed with all these questions in my stupid brain, or perhaps I am a mad man πŸ™

        1. All the good work that is done on TNR is a tiny fraction of what is required perhaps around 2% of the total requirement for it to be truly effective. Much, much more needs to be done. All the TNR in the USA is done by volunteers not government agencies as I understand it (someone can correct me if I am wrong).

          The mass killings in gas chambers is barbaric. A complete breakdown in humans’ relationship with domestic cats and dogs.

    2. I agree Dee. Hope your well. Its the System behind it. As if things were all right there wouldn’t be as many Animal’s in shelters worldwide.

  3. This is just happening way too much. :'( Seems alot more Dogs than Cats this time. Sure makes me thankful I dont live in America, though do feel for those innocent animals. Hope they find Forever and Safe homes for them.

    1. Like you Kylee, I am enraged this continues to go on. I am sick of making heart felt excuses for these people. I do not care about their mental state or any other state. Seems these days we have a mental illness for every condition known to man. I don’t care what it is, there is some stigma of mental illness associated with it. If that is the case, i think the race of man is in peril!!! Sorry if i can not find the understanding or sympathy in my heart for these types of people! I’m tired of the excuses!!! All we continue to make is more problems and not enough solutions!! Where does it end!! When is enough enough!?!?!? C’mon! She isn’t too far out of it! She knows she doesn’t want to be interviewed or seen on camera! She has some mental facilities! So, why can’t you look at an animal that is covered in feces and say to yourself, oh that dog or cat is covered in crap!?? Do they turn their heads in shame or just turn their heads in disconnectedness?? All i know is i’m done with hearing the excuses. Abuse is abuse whether you are collecting animals for your sick collection or if you are outright killing them! A fine line is drawn, but the results are the same. Suffering, sickness and death! There are sides to humanity ( i use that term loosely) that i would rather not see! She is one of them!

        1. Well i find that regardless of the charges and who is charged with greater charges, in the end it doesn’t really matter. No one gets seriously punished and the violence continues and only escalates in some cases. Most offenders only go to court to get tickled by the judge and off they run into the sunset.

      1. You know, I agree with what you say. We do tend to find excuses when if we are honest it doesn’t take anything more than basic common sense to realise cats are ill and neglected. It comes down to immoral callous and insensitive behaviour plain and simple.

        But if you read Dee’s comment below she makes a good point to. The failed system (kill shelters) leaves cat rescuers in a difficult situation. This is partly a failed system as she says.

      2. I agree with JAYME

        In my opinion if one is interested in welfare of animals, one should never hoard them, instead just feed them.

        I want to share my feelings about my free roamers (cats), if I can not keep them in my small place and get a vet for them, I just try to socialize/ tame them and continue atleast feeding, sheltering, clean them so that they must not be abused by calling them as dangerous or wild.

        If I can not clean the litter box, wash their beds, towels etc. so this is not a love, no sense of care and no kind of any welfare.

        If one have not sufficient funds, it is better to let them roam free.

        God guide us all in positive senses, amin πŸ™

        1. I agree if you cant provide Basic Care for animals. I.e Kitty Litter, food regularly, water, Vaccination and loved and cared love. Even things as Cat Stretchers and toys for them. If i could never do that I need to look at myself seriously/mentally. People need to realistically think of the Animals if they cant provide a basic level of Care they shouldn’t have them. I would never go over what I’ve got now.

      3. Well I have mental illness, but I dont use it as a excuse to Abuse or hurt Animals. I agree alot of People who Cat Hoard like that most of them know what they are really doing. I would never over 6. Even when I had 6,It was a struggle. When I have to go out on my Own which will be next year sometime. I will Have to have just Three and my Ex will other the other two. It will be hard to split the Cat family up. Thankfully as Live in same town will still get to see each of them. It’s just sad that you see so many Beautiful Cats and Dogs being abused or hurt. I remember reading one of Elisa’s Articles there was a Main Coon and only 6 Months old. People really need to work out if they have a Animals, as its a lifetime Commitment if they cant do that then dont get a Animal. Things arent as pretty as roses over here either. There’s always lots in Shelters mostly beautiful Domestic Cats and Kittens. I always prefer Domestic Animals as in believe they get a bad luck in life. I agree with what you are saying its really a sad life we live in these days.

          1. Exactly I agree. Especially for People who do it on Purpose and have no Feelings For Animals. Esp those ones who have no Empathy.

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