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Animal control officer sacked and cat owner accepts $300 compensation after the officer shoots dead her cat — 7 Comments

  1. By the standards of todays law that was a pretty good sum. In the US a domestic pet is chattel. Personal Property. After the saga of my own cat first blinded and then most likely floxed and suffering liver failure a few like minded souls have joined me as we work though the system to understand how the law works and what needs to change and the most effective way to start pushing for that change. Because the cat was killed they’re lucky they got more than the shelter donated cat of the adoption fee.
    It’s going to take us and many more groups to do something besides sign a petition online. big whoop

  2. $300.00 would, nowhere, near cover my anger and grief. I’m not sure that anything would.

    However, I would embrace the notion that he becomes my slave for as long as I like. He could cook, clean (especially, litter boxes), caretake my feral colonies from 2AM to 5AM every morning under my supervision, and sleep the same 5 1/2 hours that I do. A ball and chain would thrill me too.

    I, further, feel that Ms. Clarke was remiss is signing any document that released the county from any responsibility, ie. the people who employed this nit-wit officer.
    To me, the county offer of a “replacement” cat would have been even more insulting and made me even madder.

    • Dee, I was just thinking what I’d accept in compensation. It would have to be well over $20,000. That is taking into account the emotional anguish in losing a genuine family member. Of course they would never agree that in which case I’d do my best to ensure that the officer faced criminal proceedings.

      I totally agree with what you say.

      • I don’t think that I would even accept $20,000.00 Michael.
        The offer of a “replacement” cat would have shoved me over the edge. There goes my sanity…
        What I would have really liked to have happened would be to have 30 minutes alone with this idiot, uninterrupted in an enclosure, equipped with chains, nunchucks, and whips.

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