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Animal cruelty offenders need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law — 5 Comments

  1. Until you all learn the difference perfectly legal shoot-to-kill and animal-cruelty shoot-to-maim then you’re all just going to perpetually spin your own wheels in the sand.

    You will never apply the same laws to animals’ deaths as you do humans — not until you start serving-up slabs of human in the butcher’s aisle at your local grocery store. Then and only then will “right to life” laws apply equally to animal and human.

    • Your comment is idiotic as usual. This article is not about shooting to kill cats. Secondly, to equate equality between animals and the human animal (we are animals don’t forget) by how they are presented in a butcher’s shop is imbecilic.

    • More of them would end up in prison if the law was enforced more vigorously in respect of cat and animal cruelty. This article is about enforcement of animal cruelty laws. A lot of people think they are not enforced adequately. I would like to see more lobbying by respected charities and organisations to force the authorities to prosecute properly and fairly rather than treat animal cruelty as a low priority crime which it is not.

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