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Animal hospital joke from vet tech (real event) — 2 Comments

  1. This just re-affirms my belief that there are many pet guardians who are truly unaware about the physical, mental and emotional details involved in having a domestic animal (or a wild animal)as a pet. It really is all about education, starting with the basic of the animal’s physiology, and the appropriate diet for that body. Something along the lines of Maslow’s priority needs, starting with the basics.

    I just re-viewed the movie called “Buddy”, based on a true story about a wealthy, animal loving woman in the 1920’s raising 4 chimps, and a baby gorilla, among a menagerie of other animals. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. The bond between her and Buddy was remarkable, and she had complete control over his behavior…. until she didn’t any more, when he was frightened by an event at a world’s fair that she never should have subjected him to. It was downhill from there, and unfortunate events triggered more of his fear, and ultimate rage. A sad, but appropriate ending was the best for all concerned.

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