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  1. Thank God it wasn’t my cat or there would have been way more publication–what kind of veterinarian takes pride in killing any animal?? Poor Tiger and his parents! Please continue with a civil case as animal cruelty is still out of control…



    At least that seems to be the case when DA Travis Koehn conducts an investigation. In what may have been the fastest grand jury hearing in history, the Kristen Lindsey case was settled in a few short hours.

    The jury convened in the morning, and by early afternoon it was a done deal. It’s hard to believe that experts testified, law enforcement testified, the DA argued his case, the jurors deliberated, results were presented to the DA, findings were analyzed, and a press release was written and published- all in the space of 5 hours or so.

    Wow, things sure move fast in Koehn’s neck of the woods! So fast that maybe – just maybe- the investigation wasn’t as thorough as the DA claimed it was. Maybe he didn’t bother to get the evidence he needed to convince the grand jury to indict.

    Here is one of many troublesome aspects to the Lindsey investigation: Travis Koehn stated in his press release that “Subpoenas to Facebook failed to produce useable evidence, as the account was deleted the same day law enforcement became aware of the matter.”

    On the surface that sounds almost reasonable. The man issued a subpoena, and Facebook complied. The subpoena didn’t turn up much. What’s a fella to do? He tried, right?

    Oh wait, not so fast… first let’s take a look at what a SUBPOENA to Facebook will actually produce in terms of evidence. This is what you get: “name, length of service, credit card information, email address(es) and a recent login/logout IP address(es), if available.” Oh boy, all that for the price of one subpoena! Travis Koehn must have been thrilled to find out which credit cards Kristen Lindsey uses.

    Golly gee whiz, if only he had obtained an actual SEARCH WARRANT as required by law to get account information that might actually have incriminated Lindsey…

    Here’s what a SEARCH WARRANT will get you: messages, videos, wall posts, photos and location information.
    Oh, and Facebook typically stores info for 90 days. Anyone taking bets that Mr. K got right on this? In addition, Mr. K could have applied for Facebook “Account Preservation” to make sure KL’s FB data didn’t vanish. Maybe he was just too busy thinking of ways to get Lindsey off. I mean, the bow and arrow = humane euthanasia theory of his—now that’s a reach! And, let’s not forget the “Well, darn, we don’t even know if this happened in Texas” dodge. A three minute interview with KL’s parents, who witnessed and photographed this joyous family bonding moment, would’ve cleared that right up.

    Here’s the real kicker though: it appears that KL never deleted her account, but only deactivated it, meaning some of the old stuff she posted might still be there. How do we know this, you ask? Last week, KL briefly displayed a FB account under the name Kristen Erin, which showed friends and a timeline going back as far as 2009. Pretty cool trick to backdate a brand new Kristen Erin account— we’d love to know how she did this.

    Now, are we positive that Mr. Koehn didn’t obtain a search warrant for KL’s Facebook records? Not really, but keep in mind the DA only mentioned a subpoena in his press release. Quite a boo-boo for a lawyer if he meant to write “Search Warrant”… or maybe he thinks it’s none of our business, as he seems to think justice is none of our business.

    For those who are interested in learning more about Facebook’s compliance with the law, here’s the fine print:
    This is Facebook’s policy about law enforcement requests for data:

    “US Legal Process Requirements

    We disclose account records solely in accordance with our terms of service and applicable law, including the federal Stored Communications Act (“SCA”), 18 U.S.C. Sections 2701-2712. Under US law:
    A valid subpoena issued in connection with an official criminal investigation is required to compel the disclosure of basic subscriber records (defined in 18 U.S.C. Section 2703(c)(2)), which may include: name, length of service, credit card information, email address(es), and a recent login/logout IP address(es), if available.
    A court order issued under 18 U.S.C. Section 2703(d) is required to compel the disclosure of certain records or other information pertaining to the account, not including contents of communications, which may include message headers and IP addresses, in addition to the basic subscriber records identified above.
    A search warrant issued under the procedures described in the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure or equivalent state warrant procedures upon a showing of probable cause is required to compel the disclosure of the stored contents of any account, which may include messages, photos, videos, wall posts, and location information.

    We interpret the national security letter provision as applied to Facebook to require the production of only 2 categories of information: name and length of service.

    International Legal Process Requirements
    We disclose account records solely in accordance with our terms of service and applicable law. A Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty request or letter rogatory may be required to compel the disclosure of the contents of an account. Further information can be found here:facebook.com/about/privacy/other.

    Account Preservation
    We will take steps to preserve account records in connection with official criminal investigations for 90 days pending our receipt of formal legal process. You may expeditiously submit formal preservation requests through the Law Enforcement Online Request System atfacebook.com/records, or by email, or mail as indicated below.

    Emergency Requests

    In responding to a matter involving imminent harm to a child or risk of death or serious physical injury to any person and requiring disclosure of information without delay, a law enforcement official may submit a request through the Law Enforcement Online Request System atfacebook.com/records. Important note: We will not review or respond to messages sent to this email address by non-law enforcement officials. Users aware of an emergency situation should immediately and directly contact local law enforcement officials.

    We also may retain information from accounts disabled for violations of our terms for at least a year to prevent repeat abuse or other violations of our terms.”

    • An amazing comment. First class and very informative. Thanks a lot Jean. I am going to turn this into an article within the hour. I hope you are okay with that. Of course you will be credited as the author. Many thanks. I also knew the the police and prosecuting service did a very poor job (deliberately I’d say) and you post adds real detail to that.

  3. Thank you for this article that has everything organized. I certainly hope that this cat killer gets prosecuted at last, through ALDF, so that the cats in Texas become safer.
    I am really hoping that the Texas Vet Board takes away her license, since that could hit her the hardest. Even if charged, she might just get probation for a first offense, after all.
    This woman should not be allowed near animals again!

  4. Yes Amy was the caregiver .She has had support as well as critics..Shes a good woman who rescues and volunteers with Animalsand pet sits .Im interested to know if something can be done as well with Animal league defense fund getting involved .I followed case since April 20 maybe ???
    Ive also been told its legal to kill ferals in Wyoming is there any way we can rally together to change that ??thanks

  5. Michael_
    Thank goodness for Judge Koehn and for the ALDF. This is at the very least a step in the right direction.

    If we do not feel the need to protect animals-does this mean we will not feel the need to protect humans as well?

  6. This is the least of all the issues, but I find it ironic—anyone notice that her lawyer misspelled feral?

    This story has haunted me since it broke in April. I am sickened any time I see her smug, arrogant face. If someone hurt one of my cats, I’d get arrested myself because I’d want revenge. My husband just said maybe karma will get her perfectly and she’ll be mauled to death by a bobcat.

    • If someone hurt my cat I’d get arrested too. I’d kill the bastard! The fact that the lawyer misspelled ‘feral’ is probably because lawyers dictate to secretaries. The secretary misspelled it or it is a typo and the lawyer failed to spot it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  7. I was on a grand Jury many years ago in New York. Most of our decisions were made upon the suggestions of the D.A. We only started making our own conclusions when we were nearing the end of our session.

  8. Sickening to know all her friends were so happy she killed the poor cat. Bunch of losers.Why kind of degenerates are they? Her family has the town in their pocket. Cruelty is a crime regardless of who or why it was done.And now she is threatening people because they are telling the truth about her? There was no justice here.

  9. This woman and her behavior make me sick to my stomach with rage. I can’t bear the thought of how the older couple who were Tiger’s humans must feel. If there is no way to get this woman and her mother (who cheered her on and took the picture) aren’t slapped with animal cruelty (jail’s too good for them, IMHO), I hope a civil suit will be filed … could it be a class action suit charging mental cruelty? Because what she did — kill, brag, and post photos and comments — and who she was (a veterinarian??? Hardly!) has certainly had some painful mental and emotional results. I’m so glad ALDF is getting involved. This may well get me to start donating to them again!

    • If Tiger has an owner, he/she could start a civil claim. That would certainly help but the owner if, she exists, has been completely silent. I don’t think Tiger has an owner on this basis. Thanks Sherri.

      • If you look at the Facebook page “Justice for ‘ Tiger ‘ the cat murdered by Kristen Lindsey,” it appears Tiger was owned by an older couple who live on the same block as that wretched killer-with-a-grin, and that they have a spokeswoman, “Amy,” with whom the Facebook page owner is in frequent contact. She said they want to pursue this in their own time and aren’t discounting the idea of a civil suit. I really hope they pursue it. They certainly have a big support system!

      • I wonder if Amy Helmsell (Tiger’s caretaker) could file the civil suit as his owner. It is my understanding the elderly couple no longer live in the area. Isn’t possession 99% of ownership? She fed the cat, took care of him, and has video of him and her together.

        • Tiger’s owner could definitely file a civil suit for the tort of conversion for instance. What is surprising is that we have not heard a thing from Tiger’s owner. It is the first time I have heard of the woman being identified as Amy Helmsell. Thanks for that. Are you sure she is the caretaker? Do you have information about her?

          Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

  10. Thank You so much ALDF for pushing to get all legal documents in the case of Kristen Lindsay.Number one the cease and desist order is a joke Kristen posted her heinous act on social media for all the world to see the horror and had the nerve to brag about killing poor Tiger.Her own mother took the photo and neither one seemed to care on how it would effect the world.Cease and desist all heinous acts Mr. Brian Bishop.As far as I am concerned you are the same as your client a abuser for money you defend this heinous act you are just as wrong.Karma is coming your way and the truth is known by the world and God.Im not your judge but God most certainly is you know you will answer for this murder Kristen as well as those who cover up for her like Mr.Bishop.

  11. I hope that Tiger’s owners do file a civil suit. This demented cat killer cannot go unpunished. What she did is a crime and if this incompetent DA can’t do his job, then we should get somebody in that position that can. I don’t care how much money the cat killer and her family has, and by the way, they are just as guilty as the cat killer for their behavior, money should not play a part in whether she is prosecuted or not. She did it, she admitted to it and bragged about it on social media, her ignorant parents said they watched the whole thing (and did nothing), how much more evidence does the DA need? Must have been paid off pretty well to make that comment of not enough evidence. She had better have her license revoked and never be allowed to work with animals again.

  12. I doubt that the DA with be forthcoming with the information. I wonder if a civil action was initiated if that would give rights to discovery evidence from the investigation (I use that term ironically).
    Facebook and her phone companies absolutely have backups, police use them in investigations all the time. Did they go out to Facebook and look up the friends that she sent the picture to, I am sure someone out there was stupid enough to save the picture. She should have been required to produce the body. A rabid animal is supposed to be reported and tested to confirm rabies.
    They accepted hearsay evidence that she was shooting to protect her animals from a rabid cat, why then wasn’t the hearsay evidence from Tiger’s caregiver given the same merit. They could have easily confirmed that the cat was indeed Tiger by comparing the coat pattern,cats are like snowflakes, no two are identical, very similar but not identical.
    It is a sad time, abuse will never stop until people are held responsible.
    My heart breaks for Amy Tigers’ caregiver, her owners and of course for Tiger.

    • It seems to me that very little effort has been made to collect evidence. There is the usual lack of will to do the right thing. If Tiger was owned by a neighbor what is she/he doing about this? They have been completely silent on this which indicates that the cat was a stray and has no owner. That should and does not (as far as I know) change the legal situation. I could be wrong.

      • I may have more evidence in my Google docs file than the DA had. Who can tell? They may have done very little just hoping things would die down.

      • Actually the cat lived on a farm down the street. It went missing the same day this picture appeared. The owners supplied a video of the cat and several photos. You can find them out on web. Amy, her caregiver has been vigilant in trying to get justice, organizing rallys, encouragement for people to write respectful letters,and for us to keep pursuing other options.
        Tigers owners are an older couple that did not want their names released. If they do decide to file civil charges we will have a fundraiser to help them.
        I attached a picture of Tiger, if you have the stomach to compare them side by side, they are identical. I will also link the video.
        Tiger lived down the street, went missing the same morning and has never been seen again. Pretty convincing evidence.



  13. It’s my only hope that justice will prevail for Tiger (or the cat that was shot by the murderer Kristen Lindsey). This was totally inhumane and unacceptable especially for someone that’s “supposed” to be a veterinarian. I would be more than glad to donate toward the investigation to bring justice here!!!

    • I hope just like you, but I have sneaking suspicion that this latest development, good though it is, will not change the outcome. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  14. Kristen Lindsey, I hate to even print the name, doesn’t deserve to even breathe the same air as Tiger did before she so savagely killed him. This was a living breathing being that was doing no harm to anyone, just being a cat. This barbaric sociopath decided to kill Tiger for no reason other than to post a picture of her ugly self (taken by her ignorant mother) on social media bragging that she got her first “kill” and she would gladly accept an award for it. Tiger was someone’s beloved pet and deserved much better than he got from the killer. She admitted doing it, she posted with her “friends” about it, there were pictures of her holding the cat up by the arrow that killed him, how the hell much more evidence did this idiot of a DA need? Not enough evidence? Is he brain dead? If this case goes unresolved, and in my estimation, this DA did not resolve anything, then there should and will be an uproar from animal lovers everywhere.

    • I don’t think they have been collecting evidence. Has anyone been interviewed? Have they interviewed Lindsey? The cat’s owner? No will to do justice. Thanks for commenting.

  15. This poor excuse for a vet needs to be brought to justice and have her DVM license revoked! She is a danger to all animals and has a serious mental depravity!

  16. I am outraged that no charges were filed against this individual. It sends a deplorable message to the public and human compassion for fellow earthlings. All crratures on this planet want to survive and without compassion, this world will continue to be a wicked place. I rescue feral catsand as an educated animal advocate know that the best way to control feral colonirsbis to neuter/spay and release. Then cat colonies stay minimized as they are territorial crratures and will move on to the next safe haven. Additionally,Tiger was NOT feral but a loved members of a family who hahappened to cross paths with an immoral subhuman. Veterinarians are supposed to LOVE, RESPECT, & CARE for animals. NOT murder them in cold blood and then statistically laugh and display those actions as if they are heroic. This action should be punished and serve as an example of HOW ANIMALS SHOULD NOT BE TREATED BY ANYONE. I AM 100 PERCENT in favor of huge fines and jail time for animal abusers. Society must be shown that this barbaric behavior WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. JUSTICE FOR TIGER NOW!

    • Hi Nikki. It shocked me too that no charges were brought. Cats are the underdogs in the legal system and this proves it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  17. She is a horrible excuse for a human being…… I hope what she did to poor Tiger haunts her in everything she tries to accomplish in life.
    What’s worse…..she has NO remorse for her actions.

  18. I just love the blatant lies by her lawyer. This monster, s I see her, bragged, and had her own mother take the photo, that Lindsey herself posted. Yet he “claims”, she did not due. Hey pal, the words, photos, and cockiness speak for them selves.

  19. Glad that the ALDF is taking this case further & serious. Over the last day or two there have been post siding with mother, that she was not involved, wrong! Apparently big Texas money has had a big influence on this case. I pray that Kristen Lindsey & all guilty parties are punished! Justic fot Tiger!

  20. I have co-habitated with many feral cats and they all become delightful loving companions if given a chance in a patient, loving home. This act of animal cruelty is a felony. Why was it just dismissed? Clearly she is proud of her barbaric acts and gloats about it on social media. The fact that she is supposed to be a Doctor of veterinarian medicine make this even a more grave injustice. She even wrote that her favorite hobbies are killing things. Her behavior is unacceptable narcissism. In my state a local women caught dumping unwanted stray cats at a local park was forced by the judge to spend Christmas weekend out in the freezing cold.

  21. Have been following this very closely. I pray this mentally unbalanced sociopath, can’t even speak her name, will finally be prosecuted. This cannot be ignored!

  22. This is brilliant news because I, for one, had given up on Tiger getting justice and even if it was not Tiger for a cat getting justice. People need to see the law carried out fairly and properly. In such a high profile case it is essential. I am surprised that there may have been a misinterpretation of the law! This law is not complicated.

    • I really hope that the ALDF have the opportunity to review the case file. I think the public needs to have this crime investigated by an animal welfare organisation. I want to know why the Grand Jury has seemingly given the green light to animal abusers. Just exactly how depraved does an act of animal cruelty have to be before the authorities deem it illegal?

      If the D.A. refuses to hand over the file, that will simply arouse more suspicion that the truth is being withheld from us.

      Whatever the outcome, I’m really pleased that this story isn’t just fading away.

      • For me the underlying problem is that dogs and cats are underdogs in the legal system. There is a distinct lack of will to prosecute cases of animal cruelty which is compounded by the fact that the alleged perpetrator is a veterinarian, a part of the establishment. The establishment protect their own.

        • I am not sure of the US laws in this regard. I’d have thought that the content of the files should be made public in the interests of the public.

  23. There are so many unanswered questions. How can the D.A. say they had no verifiable clue as to where the “alleged” killing took place, and therefor could not secure a search warrant for the body. Lindsey’s own lawyer confirmed in his letter that it took place at her residence. Also, all of the damning information contained in Lindsey’s facebook account reportedly was deleted the day she posted the ground zero photo. If it was egregious enough to immediately delete, it was serious enough to suspect it could and would become a legal matter. With or without a request from law enforcement to save such date, isn’t facebook obliged to safeguard data believed to become a matter for criminal investigation for at least a few days? The idea that incriminating data is routinely obliterated so that it can’t be investigated is counter-productive and possibly an obstruction of justice. Is it possible this scenario is a construct of the prosecution to help present such a weak case that the outcome would be a no-bill? Lastly, if the prosecution does not turn over the file on this case to be reviewed, despite his prerogative, would that not cast a darker shadow over this matter and in fact all of his animal cruelty cases for which he has an abysmal record of failing to prosecute? I cannot be more delighted and relieved that the ALDF is pursuing this. I have other questions but I’m sure ALDF is on top of this now and will give it a proper going-over. I’ve had the utmost belief, trust and respect for them for many years and I encourage all to join me. If any entity can shed light on this important miscarriage of justice, they can and will. They have my full support and will no doubt garner an increase from many more by such a visible debacle. The crafting of a more humane and orderly society is at stake, now more than ever. Thank you ALDF!

  24. It’s good to see that the Animal League Defense Fund is taking an interest in this case, but I bet the Austin County DA will exercise his right not to release the file. Judging from the comments it’s clear to me that Lindsey’s friends and family are nothing but a bunch of Neanderthals. The psycho didn’t fall far from the tree. She enjoys killing and trying to kill things (animals). Woody has found the woman of his dreams.

  25. They can try to erase her admitted, and her mother’s admitted killing and inhumane murder of Tiger. I will never forget or let this matter drop until she is prosecuted and her license taken away. Kristen Erin Lindsey should never be allowed to own an animal let along “practice” medicine on any living, feeling being. She is a disgrace to humanity. I will never forget!

  26. So glad to see that someone is taking this seriously, because the District Attorney sure did not! Kristen Lindsey broke faith with anyone who has ever trusted a veterinarian with their beloved animal. I do not understand how they feel there was not enough evidence! SHE posted the photo on HER facebook page! Her mother admitted that she took the photo and saw it all “go down”. I would be able to forgive if I saw some, ANY remorse on the part of this young woman, but there has been absolutely NOTHING from either Kristen or her mother except arrogance. The consequences of not holding this person, who took a VOW to use her knowledge for the saving and good of animals, are far reaching. I am also hoping that the governing board of licensure will revoke her license to practice. With what she herself has done and also posted, there is no place for her in this business of caring for animals. GO ALDF!

      • What’s wrong with this “author” getting support? Most people don’t know me from my news articles. They know me from my shelter articles. I’m working on the boards tonight to get them up to date in case you care to look. https://www.pinterest.com/furbyshouse/greenville-cat-examiner-shelter-articles-january-2/

        These are from shelters not just in the Greenville area, but all over the U.S. If people do follow me, I’m glad my work is impacting the adoption and rescue rate. So I thank God people follow this “author”

        • Elisa, there’s not a thing wrong with supporting authors, Elisa.
          I didn’t mean any offense.
          I liked her comment and feel that she has a lot of insight and knowledge to share and hoped that she would peek at a few other articles and give her thoughts.
          I’ve asked some others, at times, too. Sometimes they do;sometimes they don’t.
          If I offended, I’m sorry.

          • That’s ok. I hope the ALDF will find something the DA missed. I have a bad feeling they didn’t try very hard. I also heard on one of the comments on Facebook that Kristen is trying to say the photo is old and was taken when she still lived in Wyoming. I think that’s where a lot of the problems are coming from. That no one has been able to prove yet that Tiger was killed in Austin County. It’s nice to see people aren’t dropping the matter.

  27. I’m so grateful they’re looking into this. How can a DA spend the better part of two months ‘investigating’ and NOT have a case. The blatant display of animal cruelty should have been evidence enough. That said, if the DA felt he did a thorough job in ‘investigating’ then he should have no issue with turning over to documentation. To refuse would speak volumes.

  28. Lets hope u get to the bottom of this corription and shame on Facebook for letting her have that vile picture as her profile!

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