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Psychic pet reading
Psychic pet reading. Original Photo: Erik Fitzpatrick
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An animal psychic hears what cat’s are saying inside her head. Do you believe in animal psychics? They are sometimes called animal whisperers but that phrase is used to mean a lot of things.

There are lots of animal psychics and all of then seem to focus on an ability to communicate with animals in mysterious ways beyond our comprehension and beyond the logic of science or is it telepathy?

I don’t believe in animal psychics. I do believe that people can understand what their cat is asking even when the cat is silent. This skill comes from a close and long relationship and an empathy with the cat which provides a flow of non-verbal communication via subtle signs.

One animal psychic in America is Cynthia Harner. She doesn’t know how she is able to hear what cats are saying in her head but she has been able to do it since she was five years-of-age. As I see it, what she is saying is that she can communicate telepathically with animals. Telepathy is yet to be conclusively proved to exist scientifically. However, there was a recent high profile international “test” reported in the Smithsonian which proved positive.

At a “pet reading” (at a shelter) she said that a brown tabby cat had asked her, “where was the orange cat?”. No sounds were made by the cat. Cynthia just heard the voice in her head. The staff member of the Humane Society of Lebanon County’s newly refurbished shelter was surprised because an orange cat had been in the same enclosure of the shelter as the tabby cat but had been taken away for veterinary treatment for an eye infection.

Cynthia’s ability to mind-read animals seems plausible. However, what also seems plausible to me is that orange cats are pretty commonplace and so are tabbies. There was a good chance that a tabby and an orange cat would be in the shelter at the same time and that they would have been split up for a range of reasons. Cynthia had no knowledge of the cats in the shelter we are told but can we believe it? It only takes a person who knows Cynthia to go into the shelter beforehand to relay the information back. I am not sure a shelter staffer can check that.

The shelter’s communications coordinator, Kacy Hopkins participated. Cynthia kept hearing in her head a request from Kacy’s cat, Aries, about the whereabouts of a black and white cat. Aries wanted to know where this mysterious black and white cat was.

Kacy couldn’t remember a black and white cat. But after a while it dawned on her mother that she had a black and white cat when she was growing up living in Kacy’s grandmother’s home. This must have been a while ago by the sound of it. Cynthia asked if the cat had white paws because she kept on seeing white paws. The response was, yes, the cat did indeed have white paws.

Once again I have to be cynical and realistic. Black and white cats are very common and it is also very common for them to have white paws. There was a good chance that Cynthia would receive a positive result if she mentioned hearing about a black and white cat.

If there was no black and white cat Cynthia could fudge it by saying something like it must have been a cat outside he had bumped into or something like that.

Cynthia also “heard” from Aries that Kacy sung to him. Kacy confirmed that she does indeed sing to Aries. Granted that this is a bit strange but once again, a lot of people sing to their cat and I’ll bet that Cynthia knew that Kacy likes to sing or guessed that she had a singing voice. You can tell by the way a person speaks if they can sing.

Animal psychics are like spiritualist mediums. They are clever people who play a game of poker based on chance but the chances are high. In addition they may often have insider information.

Do you believe in animal psychics or just good old fashioned empathy built on a very close and loving relationship?

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  1. I’m not too sure on this subject, I do think there is much more to this world than we know about, but it’s very hard to tell genuine animal communicators from fake ones.
    We only had one experience of this just after Barbara’s husband John died and we had huge life changes which affected Walter deeply. He was unwell but the vet could find nothing wrong with him, so we put it down to grief as he loved John very much. Browsing the internet one day though I came across an animal communicator and asked her if she could help. Somehow she ‘tuned in’ and told us Walter had a ‘hot head’ and she would send him healing. Which she did and no charge and he was soon back to himself. Coincidence? Or not? I wish I’d kept her contact details as my computer crashed and neither Babz nor I could ever find her again.
    I think we can all become more attuned to Nature, but we have to look upon all animals, birds and fish as souls with the right to live. Since becoming veggie I can see it so clearly, we have no right to have ‘food’ animals, each and every one has a soul and a spirit and we have no right to use them, we don’t need to eat them, veggies are living proof of that fact.
    I think Ahsan is the most spiritual person I have ever known and I have met many Franciscan brothers and Anglican Sisters dedicated to God, but they were not veggie! I don’t understand how anyone so dedicated to God can eat His creatures.

    • Ruth I’m in agreement I think there are a lot of things we just don’t understand. I love becoming more aware of the nature around me I have enjoyed it especially so this last summer watching bees disappear deep into the flowers in my garden especially the fox gloves, love to hear their humming and buzzing and watch them come out with the pollen on their legs trying to spot the different species. I have really enjoyed watching the spiders in their webs which appear more in the autumn. I leave them be they fascinate me the way they catch their prey and then cocoon it so quickly before they suck out all the goodness; nature is wonderful! Anyway I digress! I don’t believe in animal psychics but I do believe in being at one with an animal getting to know it, gaining trust etc

  2. First of all, accept my apology that now a days I am not so much active on PoC, Michael.
    I am busy in cat’s enclosure making. i.e. my terrace for cats.
    I will update soon on the article, soon.

    Animal psychics are not fake, they exists. I can also recall you the son of DAVID, SOLOMON the prophet. He could even talk to animals.

    Well because we live during 2014 AD therefore we try to deny every spiritual activity easily or the reason is tat we could not achieve the success in that subject matter.

    Otherwise I believe even stones, trees, grass and flowers can talk. science has proven this fact.

    But what if the knowledge of human being (i.e. science) is still in its limits and because it can not yet proof some thing, that does not mean that that thing or event, fact does not exists???

    The human brain has only been used up to its 7% capacity yet, just imagine if the brain is 100% used????

    I am a spiritual man and deeply involved with these religious subjects and specially HINDU meditations plus BUDHISHT, too.

    Stop for a long time, I mean for years to eat RED MEAT, Michael. have low sugar items in food. live near to nature, meditate often. try to purify yourself. stay away from women. and alchohol then let us speak on the issue 😉


    • I agree we can “talk” with nature – in other words feel it by being in harmony with it. I accept what you say as possible certainly.

      I don’t believe that animal psychics who are making money out of it are always genuine.

      I believe that people who understand animals and have a lot of empathy with them and who also understand people’s emotions etc. can make a business out of “communicating with animals”. I don’t see this as what you are describing which is being very highly “in tune” with nature.

      I actually believe that I am in tune with nature. It always gives me pleasure and peace.

      At the moment I tend to look for scientific answers. One day perhaps we will have a scientific answer to telepathy and be able to explain how pet psychics do their work.

    • lol Ahsan you made me laugh, Michael to purify himself, stay away from women and alcohol lol how can any red blooded man do that when we women are so irresistible and alcohol is so nice lol

  3. Honestly Michael i presume that any person having a long association with his or her pet can claim to be a “ANIMAL OR BIRD PSYCHIC”.”Mittoo” my pet Alexandrine parakeet of 22 years seemed to have telepathy between him and his human owners which included my mum, dad, me and later his care-taker.I have written his biography and to many people it might sound as fabrication , especially his power to sense our human thoughts akin and his childish human behaviour.Even with my cats and previously dogs could definitely sense their moods and anticipate their behaviour. Horse players would call such a person a “HORSE WHISPERER” !

    • Rudolph, you hit the nail on the head for me. People who have a very close emotional connection with their animal companions can “talk” to them silently and vice versa. I see this as different to the business of “pet psychic”.

      Perhaps one day in the future we will understand much better telepathy and phenomenon which cannot be explained by science.

  4. Cass I’m glad you found your cat and that your experience with a pet psychic was a positive one.

    Great photo. He looks like he’s keeping a watchful eye on the neighbourhood.

  5. Well, body language didn’t do the pet psychic any good when I needed her to find my missing cat – she ended up having to come to the house and, like radar, pointed to where he was and approximately how far away he was…. I knew when I got up that he wasn’t around and I always keep my cats inside at night or when we’re not around. He had gotten out on our upper deck and jumped down and wandered across the street where some kitty thugs beat the daylights out of him. He was within calling distance but was so traumatized and beat up, even when I finally went where she said and found him – he wouldn’t even look at me. I’m a believer, at least in my pet psychic. I’m sure there are scammers out there, but my lady finds lost animals for free -so why would she lie?

    Since that time my cat has stayed in the yard pretty consistently! He hisses at everyone strange, though.

    • Wow, that is a good but sad sorry. Well, I am pleased you have counter argued what I have written and that your was found and has recovered.

      How common are “kitty thugs”? I have never heard that term before. It is almost like you are describing a well established group of people.

      I like your comment. It supports the idea of “pet psychic” or was she just smart and worked it out from what you said and the terrain?

      My current stance is that I want scientific proof but that does not mean I don’t believe in a spiritual approach to life.

  6. Many years ago Jonathan Ross had a pet psychic (Sonya Fitzpatrick?) on his show. I remember being very impressed by her at the time, however I’m older and more cyncial now.

    Michael I agree that clairvoyants are clever people. They rely mainly on body language, commonplace names/events/illnesses and the eagerness of the participants to unwittingly volunteer information. (Derren Brown did a very interesting TV expose on the subject.) I don’t doubt that animal psychics work on a similar premise and the animals can hardly speak out to contradict them

    • Michele, I am pleased you agree with me. It is interesting because there is no doubt that one day science may explain things like telepathy and spiritual happenings.

      For me these things can exist and they may well exist.

      I’d just like to have an explanation that makes sense.


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