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Animal Rescue Australia |     — the most comprehensive single map and page on Australian animal rescue on the internet (as at 3-2012 – things change!).

This is a map showing 82 place markers for (a) Australian animal shelter facilities and (b) the operational areas of animal rescue organisations that employ foster carers before rehoming companion animals (and in one instance horses). The majority of the place markers show actual facilities where companion animals can be seen and where you can meet staff. The map is therefore quite comprehensive. Full details are provided for all the organisations when you click on the relevant link in the LH navigation bar.

The map can be moved around using the controls within the map (top left) and zoomed within the place markers (after clicking on the left hand navbar link). Streetview is also available for certain locations allowing you to see the place on the ground to assist in finding it. There are also links to utilise Google directions so that you can work out a route to the shelter. Below the map are a number of further references to animal shelters that only use foster homes. Just click on the words or icons within the image to go the websites of these rescue organisations.

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Click on the banners and logos below to go to the website of that organisation:

Two useful tags. Click either to see the articles:- Toxic to cats | Dangers to cats

Animal rescue Australia — Notes:

  • I believe that this map and image map probably represent more than 90% of all animal rescue Australia organisations. At March 2012, except for this map,  the information available on the internet is fragmented. Things will change no doubt.
  • The RSPCA is by far the biggest provider of animal rescue in Australia. That is to be expected. Their facilities are marked in light blue (cyan). However, the place markers on this page are more accurate than those on the RSPCA website. Most are accurate to within several feet. A number of the RSPCA markers are innaccurate because they appear to have utilised Google Fusion Tables, an auto mapping program that depends on a full address and the RSPCA did not provide full addresses (no criticism intended). The map above has been created ‘by hand’ using all available information including Google Streetview. Care has been exercised.
  • The yellow markers are all the animal rescue Australia adoption centers that are not RSPCA facilities.
  • The area markers all relate to animal rescue networks using foster homes. The areas mapped represent the areas referred to by the organisations concerned as stated by them on their websites.
  • Update: Manx Rescue Australia. Nationwide rescue employing foster homes.

If you have an queries or if you want to refine this page please use the links below. Please give me 24 hours, at least, to respond. I hope this page proves useful in our work to help unwanted companion animals. Nationwide rescue organisation employing foster homes. Note: the icons and header banners shown in the image map above are used under fair use principles as the organisations concerned are being promoted.

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  1. So there is no rescue group trying to communicate with the killer groups and authorities in order to save the cats` lives? – f.e. in order to put them in a shelter (a separated part of the woods with fences)? – This cat killing must be a slap in the face to all who try to save animal lives in shelters, go to the vet, pay a lot of money etc…

  2. Can you do something about the killing of cats that is now going on in your country? – That`s is so terrible!!

    Pia W. , Switzerland

    • The Autralians have a love-hate relationship with the domestic cat. There a lots of people who keep cats. There are also lots of people who don’t like stray and feral cats and want to see them killed.


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