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Animal rescuer found dead of apparent suicide. No one knew how helpless she was feeling

A well-known animal rescuer was found dead of an apparent suicide Wednesday night. No one knew how helpless she was feeling.

Manhattan clinical psychologist and author was found hanging in the bathroom of her fifth floor Sutton Place apartment. Stacey Radin, 52, was discovered by her husband, and law enforcement said she was pronounced dead at the scene. She left several notes behind. Sadly, she had a history of depression.

Stacey is remembered as the founder of Unleashed, a program developed to empower young women advocating for animal rights and animal welfare. She was the author of: “Brave Girls: Raising Young Women with Passion and Purpose to Become Powerful Leaders”.

While Stacey taught young girls that they had a voice and could use it to help animals, Stacey herself was battling her own demons. I read she was a cancer survivor and was still having trouble overcoming it.

We really need to watch our friends in animal rescue as there are a lot of “Stacey’s” out there who are very good at covering up mental distress.

Stacey’s friend Shelley stated on her Facebook page:

“Stacey, thank you for all the lives you saved. You made a difference in this world before you left. I am so sorry I didn’t know how felt hopeless you were feeling. I am just so sorry.”

Our Prayers

We’re all sorry because there will be more suicides and most of them will take us by surprise. According to the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians, Oberon University and the CDC animal care workers are the most likely to commit suicide in America.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Stacey, her family and friends during this difficult time. Please feel free to leave a memorial message if you knew Stacey and her work.

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Update (next day): I have a page on her Unleashed program for which she was well-known.

Another very sad death in the cat rescuer community concerned Janice Lockamy, 60, who was killed in a road traffic accident on July 2nd 2017 while transporting cats.

A bit about Stacey

Stacey was a highly talented and qualified person. She earned her doctorate in psychology from Albert Einstein Medical Center and an MA and postdoctoral certificate in psychoanalysis from Columbia University. She specialised in one-to-one coaching sessions, group sessions, consultations and assessments for leaders of organisations. When she was working her way through university she met women who felt they didn’t have the capacity to achieve. They stayed in her mind and motivated her to empower them through Unleashed (

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Elisa Black-Taylor

Elisa is an experienced cat caretaker and rescuer. She lives in the US. As well as being a professional photographer, Elisa has been a regular contributor to PoC for nine years. See her Facebook page.

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  • Stacey and i went to graduate school together. I heard about this a few years ago and was so shocked. I know the pain of depression all to well- stacey, i am so sorry you went through this. Please RIP and may your memory be a blessing.

  • I saw this just now, years after her suicide. I pray her family is healing. God bless all rescuers.

  • I am so truly sorry for your loss....everyone’s loss of this wonderful woman. I am just now seeing this thread unfortunately. I am a retired psychotherapist and even helping others and knowing the methods that help doesn’t make us in her field immune to the very same feelings! God bless her heart and soul and all those she helped, be they two legged or four....she worked miracles for many! ❤️

    • Trudy, this post received over 30,000 shares as you may have noticed which indicates the depth of feeling towards this lady. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  • A wonderful person has left us. RIP STACEY RADIN. Thank you for everything you did while you were here.

  • I know the pain of depression. I believe Stacy was so empathic so felt she
    Couldn't do enough. Little did she know she was a Hero to so many. May
    God Bless her Sweet incredible Soul🙏🏻

  • Aww am from the UK and didn't know this lovely lady but i have every respect for what she as done to help animals. I know from personal experience how animal rescue eats your soul away and the feeling useless you can not help them all. rip beautiful lady you have certainly earned your wings and I'm sure every animal you have rescued that sadly passed are with you in heaven. God bless xxx

  • Animal people are highly emotional people, let's remember her for her beauty, her kindness, and not judge that sometimes this cruel world is just too much for sensitive souls. We try to force them to live a life they can't tolerate. She also had cancer and we don't know how much physical pain she was in. You might be surprised to know that I am not totally against suicide. I believe a soul has the absolute right to make it's final call when it's had enough. I wouldn't judge anyone for it. I wouldn't say, "If they would have held on just a little bit longer things might have changed..." a soul knows when it's time to exit. It's not your life, not your body. In fact, it was just a body they expelled from. They are eternal souls that will live forever. They were cast into a play performance, but didn't like the role they given, so they exited the curtain call.

    • Well said Toyya and I agree with all you say. Life is harder for people who are decent and sensitive to animal welfare. And we do have the right to check out of life at our discretion. We should not be criticised for it but praised because it takes courage to do so. Thanks for commenting.

  • I no longer rescue. I may be coaxing a feral out for feeding, fixing and hopefully homing but as far as aggressive rescue goes I am cooked. At some point burnout is inevitable. Is it for life or a period of time I can't answer but right now my brain cannot hold anymore images that I cannot erase.

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