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Animal Research Ethics Case Studies — 4 Comments

  1. It was actually ol’ Adolf and his right-hand man Hermann Goering that came up with the very first ‘no-kill’ animal protection legislation in 1933. Reichmarshall Goering outlawed animal experimentation, and threatened to send those who violated his ban to concentration camps. After all, they had plenty Jews and Gypsies on which to experiment.

  2. I could barely finish his article. Reading about Jade and seeing her precious picture made me feel so physically ill. Animal suffering tears me apart. I cannot understand in any way the brutal use of animals for any purpose. Cruelty of this kind should be illegal and punishable to the maximum degree.

    • I feel the same way. As I have become older I sort of become used to it but I can’t watch videos of animal cruelty. These businesses should not exist. The fact that they do tells us how bad the human race is.

      • I never feel used to it. These things are torturous to innocent souls. How some humans are capable of such brutality is something I just cannot fathom. 🙁

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