Animal Resource Center will no longer deal with cats

It’s been reported on WHIOTV7 that the Montgomery Animal Resource Center will stop ‘providing general shelter and care for cats’.

Montgomery County Animal Shelter
Montgomery County Animal Shelter
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They say that the reason is that cats do badly at the shelter because of limited space for cats. They say that housing them there is detrimental to their well-being and that a large percentage of cats have become ill at the shelter ‘resulting in poor outcomes’. Is that a euphemism for euthanasia?

It seems rather strange. For instance, they could improve their facilities for cats. It is an admission that for some time they have provided a poor service to cats and that they have no intention to do anything about it other than stop helping cats. It seems rather negative and an attitude of failure. Perhaps they have funding issues.

They intend to direct cats to ‘more suitable resources in the community’. I presume that those resources exist and that they have the capacity to pick up the cats who would have been cared for at the Montgomery shelter.

Is this another example of the cat getting the short straw? Cat lovers believe that cats get a less good deal than dogs under various circumstances including news items and veterinary care.

I don’t have anymore information.

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2 thoughts on “Animal Resource Center will no longer deal with cats”

  1. Wow, nothing says failure like actually saying “We’re a failure.” The statement that they’d rather not do them any further harm and that they’d be better off elsewhere puts a good spin on it I suppose, or so they suppose. I dunno, I guess I’d rather they didn’t try anymore either especially if their hearts, abilities or budgets aren’t up to it.


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