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Animal Rights Trump Freedom of Expression — 7 Comments

  1. China is the worst animal torturers and murderers. Look at the Yulin dog festival. They just dont see it as doing anything wrong and if there are laws they are not enforced.

    • Yes, absolutely Michele. They just don’t get animal welfare. That is not to say that there are not some great animal advocates in China because there are, but as a whole including the government, animal welfare is off their radar.

  2. I signed that petition and commented on it. To me the worst part wasn’t the videos, because awful as they were they showed past actions that were no longer going on. But they also had a living exhibit of creatures struggling for survival, fighting, deprived of food, etc. Disturbing that a major museum would even consider presenting this as art.

    • But it’s perfectly okay with everyone to practice TNR and force cats to fight each other for survival so they eventually die of that “humane natural attrition” (in the rules of how TNR works) that they inflict on each other–of which every last TNR practitioner so proudly beams about themselves.

      Pitting cat against cat to fight-to-the-death for territory is ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENT than those who run criminal dog-fight rings to see who wins. They spend YEARS in jail. It is a highly punishable crime to force *any* domesticated animals to fight each other for their very survival.

      But you’re all PERFECTLY okay with this.


      Your blatant and transparent hypocrisy flies far beyond any semblance of the ludicrous and absurd.

      • To Dale Sommers: I think you’re wrong about how TNR actually works. After being spayed or neutered the cats are generally returned to their familiar site and continue to be tended by the caregivers who have been feeding them. I don’t know of any people who practice TNR who simply release the cats to fend for themselves with no follow-up. Some TNR people I know have 5 or 6 feeding stations they tend every night. Has your experience of TNR been different?

        • Pray tell then how TNR colonies fight-off any other cats from an area. Without that then the whole TNR concept falls into a well of deceptive lies. Those cats they fight-off then die from fight inflicted wounds and infections–you know, that “humane natural attrition” that sounds so rosy and loving when stated that way. Ever see a cat were there’s nothing but a puss-filled eye-socket where an eye used to be? The infection eventually winding itself down the optic-nerve to the cat’s brain and causing death. That’s caused by another cat fighting it for territory.

          Put your rose-colored glasses back on so you don’t have to read this.

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