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Animal Serial Killer In Texas — 4 Comments

  1. Some thoughts that come to my mind:

    • Do the gun laws in the USA result in more cat cruelty than in Europe as a percentage of national population?
    • Is there more animal cruelty in the USA generally?
    • Is animal cruelty just reported better and more often in the USA?
    • This does not even approach the mass, ongoing and entirely legal cat and dog cruelty that takes place in parts of China and Asia. The cat and dog meat market.
    • Cats and dogs don’t vote so this sort of story upsets decent people and animal lovers but does not really impact the politicians.
    • It is an expression of the deviant behavior of the human animal. ‘Animals’ are never deviant as far as I am aware. What happened to the human?
    • It certainly looks like most of these killers rely on their guns. One does read about poisonings but they are harder to detect for a bunch of reasons, and one hears also about people setting fire to cats. But I would say the fact that a big percentage of people out there have guns, parents for example, and therefore it becomes an option for a kid to try out daddy’s gun when he’s out. Having so many guns is clearly a terrible thing for the mental health of any country. It gives a feeling of power that is false and ludicrous if you analyse it. It actually creates a feeling of insecurity in the end. Everybody then gets at least one gun for self defence (‘just incase’) because everyone else has got one. And yet the gun lobby people say its a way of taking ones life into your own hands righteously to defend oneself and ones god given land. At least in Europe you don’t have to worry about somebody shooting your cat. It’s almost unheard of. This is because most people don’t even know someone with a gun. If a friend of mine showed me some gun in his closet for self defence I think it would freak me out more than anything. It just isn’t normal unless it’s a hunting type gun used for hunting, and even that is getting pretty rare these days. The general population just don’t like it or want it. But hunters are usually countryside people who don’t run into many people who aren’t the same as them so they don’t really have to face the judgements of the mainstream populous. Guns are clearly bad and theh US is practically built on the notion of having your own gun – I”d have to research that to be more exact but I guess it means they will never be able to outlaw them either.

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