Animal shelter accused of mislabelling many cats ‘feral’ and ‘fearful’

The San Bernadino City Animal Shelter has been accused of mislabelling many cats at their facility as either ‘fearful’ of ‘feral’. You can see in the photograph that two lines of yellow tape have been placed across all the cages in this part of a room. The word “CAUTION” is written on the tapes.

Rescue cats at shelter allegedly mislabelled
Rescue cats at shelter allegedly mislabelled
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Brittney Place accuses the shelter of incorrectly labelling the cats. She said that most of the cats in the photograph are not even close to being feral nor are they fearful.

A friend of Brittney was told that the friendly cats were the other side of the room and the ones you see in the photograph were unfriendly.

She accuses the interim shelter manager, Macomber, of doing everything he can to make things harder for the public to adopt rescued cats. The tapes running across the room are massively off-putting to the public. Brittney wants to prove the shelter manager wrong and asks supporters to contact the shelter manager and staff to encourage them to change their opinion about these cats.

Facebook Post

Below is the embedded post on Facebook from which I took the details on this page. I’m doing my duty and spreading the word. Please do the same if you feel so inclined.

This is what SBC (San Bernardino City Animal Shelter) has turned into…a place where "Feral" & "Fearful" cats get…

Posted by Brittney Place on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

I have tried to get the shelter to comment on this without success currently. I am having trouble locating contact details and it’s not clear where their FB page is. If you can help find their FB page or contact details please leave a comment.


I have to say that in my experience the assessment of rescue cats in shelters as to their adoptability is fraught with difficulties. Common sense dictates that it is unreliable to assess cats in cages in a strange environment like an animal shelter. They are going to be anxious because of the environment. This doesn’t mean that they are inherently fearful or feral. Also many cages at shelters are inadequate in size and design. They provoke fearfulness.

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  1. The thing about “no-kill” charlatans is that they ALWAYS have excuses and the burgeoning feral cat population is ALWAYS someone else’s fault. Pure nonsense. There are 128 million households in the US. Only one-third, about 42.7 million, own even ONE cat. The remaining 85.3 million aren’t ‘catless’ because there’s a SHORTAGE. It’s because most of us don’t WANT them.

    (Note from Admin: last sentence modified to make it more polite)

  2. Our local shelter deems all cats as feral so they can kill them. Bunch of cat haters down there. They try and cover it up but constantly post negative things about cats and positive things about dogs.


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