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Animal shelter accused of mislabelling many cats ‘feral’ and ‘fearful’ — 3 Comments

  1. The thing about “no-kill” charlatans is that they ALWAYS have excuses and the burgeoning feral cat population is ALWAYS someone else’s fault. Pure nonsense. There are 128 million households in the US. Only one-third, about 42.7 million, own even ONE cat. The remaining 85.3 million aren’t ‘catless’ because there’s a SHORTAGE. It’s because most of us don’t WANT them.

    (Note from Admin: last sentence modified to make it more polite)

  2. Our local shelter deems all cats as feral so they can kill them. Bunch of cat haters down there. They try and cover it up but constantly post negative things about cats and positive things about dogs.

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