Animal shelter inadvertently gave me a pregnant cat then demanded that I abort and spay her

By Tracey Wilson – Readers’ Forum

Pregnant Cat
Pregnant Cat. This is not the cat referred to in the article. It is here for illustrative purposes. Photo in public domain.
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Our local SPCA adopted a cat to us. I noticed after a week that she seemed to be getting quite fat. I put it down to eating well but she just kept getting bigger.

After having her for a little under two weeks I took her to our vet to be checked and spayed. The first thing she said was this cat is pregnant and ready to have kittens any day!

I wouldn’t believe it until she did x-rays and showed me images of the five kittens! I called the shelter and told them they had given me a pregnant cat.

Their reply from the man running the shelter was well did you get her fixed? I said no, I don’t believe in aborting a litter, especially that far gestated. I would happily do it when she was closer to weaning the litter.

The conversation got very ugly after that with all kinds of threats citing my neuter contract I had signed, that it was MY fault she was pregnant (Not a math whiz that one) and surrender the cat and WE will fix her then re adopt her to someone else who WILL follow the rules.

It was an ugly series of threats and calls for a time but she had them, I found them good homes and she was fixed. They must have lost interest because it all eventually went away. I don’t understand why some people get into animal protection if they can’t see the good from the bad anymore.

Tracey Wilson

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3 thoughts on “Animal shelter inadvertently gave me a pregnant cat then demanded that I abort and spay her”

  1. I know this is the policy of many shelters and some rescues. I even understand the thinking behind it. But sometimes it’s better to leave things be and offer to help in a bad situation you made through your own mistake. Instead they should have offered some help in seeing to it the kittens and mother received proper care and help in S/N them and mamma and homing if the adopter couldn’t or didn’t want to keep them.
    Controlling the unwanted pet population is vital. Compassion should never simply be tossed out the window.

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