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Animal Shelter is Allegedly Threatened by Father of Dead Cat’s Owner — 5 Comments

  1. I call BS on the shelter’s cover story. It’s plain to see that they feel that dead cats don’t require care so it’s easier to stick a needle in them and call it a day. I applaud Stephanie’s dad. Even tho I would have rescued another cat from those monsters she feels the loss of her kitty and decided not to. I respect her too. Sue those SOBs.

  2. I am currently a resident of mercer county in new jersey..I’m saddened to hear that this type of thing happens not too far from where i live.i feel so bad for moe and also Stephanie..what a sad shame.!!!!

  3. This is a disgusting disgrace. I’m very sad for Stephanie and Moe, but what is done can’t be undone but she should have saved another cat from those Monsters.

  4. And nothing will happen to the shelter workers who broke the law. Nothing ever does. This woman has lost her beloved cat and all she gets from the shelter is “oops” and an insulting offer to let her adopt another cat.

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