Animal shelter manager is first person in Spain to be jailed for animal cruelty.

It is very ironic that the first person in Spain to be jailed for animal cruelty is someone who was paid to do the exact opposite: care for animals and find them loving homes. As an animal shelter employee she is the exact opposite to the type of person required.

To be the first person to be jailed for animal cruelty either means that the Spanish respect animals more than other nations or law enforcement lack commitment in enforcing animal welfare laws. The latter is probably the truth.

Shelter manager jailed for killing animals
Some of the animals. Photo: Guardia Civil
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Carmen Marin, who was entrusted with looking after the dogs and cats in her care deliberately killed 2,200 animals with inadequate amounts of euthanasia drugs because she was paid by the local authority for every animal that she took off the streets. She had to make room for new animals and the only way to achieve that was to kill the ones in the shelter.

Her breach of trust and outrageous cruelty was compounded by the fact that she used a minimal amount of euthanasia drugs to kill the animals thereby consigning them to a drawn out death of panic and pain.

Head of animal shelter jailed for over 2000 cases of animal cruelty
Carmen Marin. You wouldn’t believe it would you?

She then put some of the animals in freezers while they were dying but still alive, we are told by the International Business Times.

The police unearthed dozens of cat and dog corpses in trash bins and freezers. The shelter was (still is I suppose) in Torremolinos, which is a well-known tourist location.

Despite what appears to be overwhelming evidence, Marin denied guilt. She was convicted and sent to prison in November of this year. Her sentence is 3 years and nine months.

She was also convicted of fraudulently using shelter monies for her own use to fund a luxury lifestyle. The pain she caused the animals was the price of her fast cars and fine dining.

7 thoughts on “Animal shelter manager is first person in Spain to be jailed for animal cruelty.”

  1. I hesitate to say “unbelievable” anymore, as these days there’s just no normal or common decency to compare and contrast. To say that some people should just be buried alive and forgotten is like “yeah, so what else is new?”

  2. Reading this completely horrified me. This person has no soul. I cannot comprehend this level of cruelty.It brought me to tears.😱

    • She is completely heartless, without a conscience. I am sure she believes that she has done nothing wrong. I don’t want to sound racist but Spain is not the best country in the world for animal welfare. Historically their attitude towards animals is not that great.


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