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Animal Snares Kill Cats – Beware — 8 Comments

  1. We got completely wasted on all kinds of drugs once and then went stomping into the countryside into the middle of a fox hunt and fucked the whole thing up for the lot of them. IT got dangerous.

    And then – we were so on a bloody role – this was near Colschester by the way – we then went and stormed the pheasant shoot and just stood around in the middle of their shoot making it dangerous and pissing them all off to no end. They were callig the police and running around to keep track of dogs – it was a delightful mess and I was so out of it I was just telling them all to sod right off.

    It was brilliant fun and I don’t regret a moment of it.

    They are disgusting people who came out to ruin a beautiful day in the countryside and we were having nothing of it.

    • Oops I apologize I forgot to censor a word there – Sorry about that Michael, I should have been careful not to do that. I’m sorry – I also just have to not let these sort of things get to me – snares are awful, what an awful way to slowly die.

    • Good for you Marc, I so admire hunt sabateurs! With working for vets when hunting was still legal I wasn’t able to join in, but I was able to tip the local sabateurs off as to when and where the hunters would be, although I’d have got the sack had I been found out. Oh it gave me great pleasure to hear how their bloodthirsty enjoyment was spoiled for them.
      I don’t blame you for using strong language, it makes me so angry that using nice words is just impossible!

  2. Horrible, I hate traps and the people who so casually set them and wander off to enjoy their day while animals writhe in agony until death or cruel dispatchment by the b****** trap setter. This government is a nightmare, they have contempt for the man/woman on the street and total disinterest in animal welfare, a shining example is set by the unelected PM whose greatest wish is to restore the right to kill wild animals (and any domestic animal in the vicinity) with dogs bred especially for the purpose.

  3. Yea i dont agree with these its abit inhumanie i know here in nzl some people have cat traps and i dont think its the right way to go. As the poor animal would suffer. I guess the only way to use them if catching ferel or wild cat.

  4. Snares are cruel hateful things and I can’t imagine the mentality of those who set them or approve of them.
    Cameron daren’t have a vote on totally repealing the hunting with a pack of dogs law, because he knows too many MPs are against it, so he is looking for a way to relax the law to allow his hunting cronies to use more dogs than is allowed now, supposedly to control the number of foxes. That is underhand and disgusting. It took us years to get the ban, it needs strengthening nor relaxing!
    What is wrong with some people that they take pleasure in killing animals in as many ways as they can think up?
    It’s truly sickening!

  5. I wish that snares were banned worldwide.
    They’re gruesome and cruel instruments of destruction.
    They disgust me. If I ever came across one, it would become trash.

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