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This photo tells it like it is!

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This photo tells it like it is!

This photo tells it like it is! This is NOT how to love a cat! I'm just a baby! Animal testing IS animal abuse!

Ruth sent me the link for this petition and I believe it worthy of a story. Today I want to talk about product labeling for animal testing and what we need to demand concerning it. A group called labelling has began a petition we all need to support.

First, here's the petition site: Labelling Clarity

Here are some of the companies who still test their products on animals. This includes testing on CATS!!

* Garnier
* Johnson & Johnson - makers of Listerine and baby care products
* Kimberly-Clark - makers of Huggies
* Proctor & Gamble - makers of Fabreeze, Fairy, Pantene and Tampax
* Ralph Lauren Fragrances
* Reckitt Benckiser - makers of Glade
* SC Johnson & Son - makers of Pledge
* Unilever - makers of Dove and Vaseline
* Nestlé Purina®/Friskies {see Purina Pet Cat Food}

The U.K. government statistics show that 3.5 million animals suffered or died from animal experiments in 2009. This is in the U.K. alone. One of the shocking animal testing facts.

This is a good link for animal testing facts, abuse by testing, food and other forms of abuse. in the U.S. Try 25 MILLION tested per year! And this IS abuse. Many animals who survive the testing are later killed. The word researchers used is "sacrificed" (ghastly isn't it?). Please see: Safari cats research as one small, illustrative, example. Uncaged is also a very good website for facts on animal testing.

The big companies presently have the upper hand in keeping consumers blind, hiding animal testing facts from us. Many products tell when they aren't tested on animals, but those who DO test don't bother to mention THAT on their labels. Nor do they mention whether each ingredient itself has been experimentally tested on animals. The U.K. is leading the way in changing this.

This doesn't surprise me. I've found through my articles that the U.S. is sorely lacking in their respect of animals as far as abuse, testing and the declawing of cats.

Although this is an article about passing legislature in the U.K., I hope it will become standard worldwide for companies to be legally obligated to report if and how animals were used in any way in their products.

Those of us who choose not to eat, wear or use products tested on animals have the right to know when we are committing a moral sin against our very beliefs. Animal lovers have the right to choose based on labeling information on animal testing. There should be a legal obligation to disclose animal testing facts.

It's time for the big companies to understand this.

Don't you agree we should all know whether a product has caused the pain or death of a living, breathing animal? Please feel free to comment.


Animal testing facts - Source:

I'd like to credit Stop Animal Testing! on Facebook for the use of the photos for this article. They say it all.

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Feb 21, 2011
latest list
by: Ruth

The latest list of companies still testing on animals is here :

Nov 26, 2010
Thanks for the link!
by: Jenny Elliott-Bennett

Thanks for putting a link up to my petition! Please do feel free to use any of the information on my Labelling Clarity site.


Nov 06, 2010
Mending a poor image takes decades
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Companies with poor ethics should be aware that mending a damaged image often takes decades.
Just remember Shell, who was boycotted for their disposal of the Brent Spar oil buoy, or the French winefarmers, who never recovered the market shares lost due to their country's nuclear testing.
Companies involved in cruel, unnecessary animal testing will not be forgotten either...

Finn Frode avatar

Nov 04, 2010
Earlier post more facts
by: Michael

I have just discovered an earlier article I did on this subject! I added a link to this page from it. Here is the article: Facts on Animal Testing.

Michael Avatar

Nov 03, 2010
by: Michael

Thanks Elisa for this very informative article. Personally, I hate the idea of animal testing but the general population is polarised on this subject. Some think it has to take place for the benefit of people. If we are to test experimental treatments we should do it on people. We have no right to abuse animals for our benefit, it is fundamentally immoral in my view. But this is so typical of the human race.

Michael Avatar

Nov 03, 2010
Thank you Elisa
by: Ruth

Thank you Elisa for this very informative article which hopefully will reach thousands of people who are against animal testing and maybe also thousands who still don't realise it goes on so much.
Lots of signatures are needed to get the petition noticed so I hope everyone will take a moment to add theirs.
I joined the BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) when I was 18 years old, if I'd known this abuse would still be happening 45 years later I'd have despaired.
Yes as Elisa says the UK are leaders in animal welfare,we have our Animal Welfare law and at present a hunting ban. But to our present government animal welfare comes way down the priority list. Our unelected PM wants to repeal the hunting ban and now we hear that because of all the cuts this coalition government are making to save money, the number of Inspectors going round research laboratories are to be drastically reduced. Bad enough many animals have to suffer in those places but with less inspections of them the abuse could and surely will get even worse than it is.
This is a huge step backward and it makes me very very sad.
PLEASE everyone, hit the pockets of cruel greedy firms who keep these places in business, check every product you use to ensure no animal has suffered and died for it.
Support such as:
who do wonderful research work without using any animals but who get no government funding, only rely on donations.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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  1. I agree how cruel and heartless people they are why use animals they should use humans instead the ones who do the horrific experiments on these poor defenceless animals let them be the lab rats

    • Thanks Lorraine for supporting the campaign against animal testing. For me it can never be justified. It exists because humans believe themselves superior to animals. Humans are wrong in that assumption.


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