Animal testing on cats and dogs banned in California

NEWS AND COMMENT-CALIFORNIA, USA: In a marked advancement in animal welfare, California once again leads the way in America by banning animal testing on cats and dogs under a bill, Senate Bill 879, which became law when the governor, Gavin Newsom, signed it off last Monday.

Gov of California Gavin Newsom signs a bill into law protecting cats and dogs from animal testing in the state
Gov of California Gavin Newsom signs a bill into law protecting cats and dogs from animal testing in the state. Photo (modified): HECTOR AMEZCUA.
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Testing pesticides and other products on cats and dogs is described as “barbaric” by Sen Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco. He authored the bill and it was sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States. To all animal advocates, his description is correct.

This new law exempts medical and federally required testing and goes into effect on January 1, 2023. And notably, it has to be said, it does not exclude testing on animals other than cats and dogs, which is an admission by California’s legislature that they will continue to act in a barbaric way towards these other animals based upon Sen Scott Wiener’s description of animal testing.

The bill states:

“This bill would, in addition, prohibit a contract testing facility from conducting a canine or feline toxicological experiment, defined as any test or study of any duration that seeks to determine the effect of the application or exposure of any amount of a chemical substance on a dog or cat, unless the experiment is conducted for specified purposes.”

That said, this is a pleasing advancement in animal welfare. Reading about animal welfare topics for many years in America, it seems to me that both California and New York state lead the way.

This is not the governor’s first pro-animal act according to The Sacramento Bee. The state budget includes $50 million to fund research at UC Davis on how the euthanasia of shelter animals can be brought to an end. Nathan Winograd, American’s great expert and spokesperson on avoiding euthanasia at shelters through his No-Kill movement, would have a word to say on that.

He knows how to end euthanasia at shelters, and it is through commitment and using all the tools available to shelter management and staff to rehome shelter animals and to prevent the surrendering of animals to shelters.

Governor Newsom has also signed off bills ending the retail sale of dogs, cats and rabbits and the banning of new fur products. He also agreed a bill which prohibited the use of animals in circus acts. Clearly, Gov Newsom is enlightened on animal welfare which is very pleasing to animal advocates.

There is always lots to do to progress animal welfare and every little bit helps. Below are couple of other articles on animal testing.

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2 thoughts on “Animal testing on cats and dogs banned in California”

  1. P.S. Corporations hire scientists to test on animals when they need to get rid of bi-product chemicals. Fluoride is a by product from making aluminum and some jerk decided it’s good to dump in our water when they KNOW it causes cancer in men’s reproductive system and causes low sperm count and dozens of other bad things in humans. Or benzine that’s found in soda pop they KNOW it causes cancer too. These scientists are paid to poison people by irresponsible corporations that manufacture poisons.

  2. Bravo California.
    Testing on animals brings forth nothing but suffering for the animal and nothing to help mankind and the scientists know it! Many scientists are using computer models to predict what is good or harmful for humans and other living things but then where would Universities get all that money they use to hire the top scientists to teach stupid students? Dr Oz was a monster killing hundreds of animals that didn’t give one good result.


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