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  2. I run a local volunteer animal welfare group here in Liberia. We promote the welfare of animals through humane education programs (equipping the younger generation about animal welfare), free veterinary care for animals in need, rescuing and rehoming abused and neglected animals and promoting plant based diets. The issue of animal welfare is seen in Liberia as a new phenomenon. For centuries, animals have been seen as commodities, properties and source of income rather than sentient beings. We are trying under difficult situation to help the animals. The animals need your help. Please help us to continue helping animals and people in Liberia. You can us at lawslofa001@yahoo.com for more information about our work.

    • Thanks Morris. Great comment. That attitudes towards animals that you refer to go the heart of our relationship. Could you please tell the name of your organisation? Do yo have a website. I have added a map to my comment so people can be sure where your country is:

      Liberia map

  3. I have 75 cats under my care I have rescued this cats personally I have no more funds to sustain their subsistence I am appealing to your kind heart to help me feed this cats I have rescued this cats and kittens thrown to the drainage . I have provided them cages individually for them not to multiply.

  4. Hi.We are looking at trying to raise funds to purchase our rescue centre on the Greek island of Kos.
    Also we need donations of any kind,regarding cats and dogs..bedding,food,medication..etc.
    Every dog/cat that comes to us is sterilised,blood tested,micro chipped and fully vaccinated.We have a non euthanasia policy.
    Is there anybody that would help us.
    Our website needs updating desperately so I have attatched our Facebook page which is regularly updated.
    Thank you

  5. Thanks for the page of grant providers. Quick update, the Tubney Charitable Trust is closed and all remaining funds have been transferred to another charity. The Garfield Weston Foundations specifically states that it will not fund animal welfare charities

  6. Dear Sir/Madame, I am having a kitten/cat orphange in Bengaluru-Karnataka state, India, I need small montary funs from you all, KIndly let me know in what way you all can be helpfull to me.Thks you.C.F.Pinto mobile no. 91-8867120766

    • Hi Condrad. Thanks for commenting. I am interested in giving some money to your orphanage. Do you have a website? Can you tell me some more about what you do? Also please tell me your bank account details as the only way to pay would be by money transfer unless you have a PaPal account.

  7. my web site kitty retreat is down . I love cats and have 2 colonies but
    need financial help. are there grants for this???? I have been doing this
    for quite a few years since disabled… love this site and cat pic’s.
    Thanks….Gloria ukiah calif.

    • Hi Gloria, I’ll look into your question and get back as a comment. Gloria, why is your site down? Is it about the subscription to Hostgator?

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