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Animal Welfare Grants

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Here’s a list of trusts providing animal welfare grants. My greatest concern is the domestic cat but animal welfare goes far beyond cats, quite obviously. It affects probably every animal on the planet. A virtually unheard of form of animal cruelty (well, I’d call it animal cruelty) is the fact that primates are being eaten to extinction by mankind (Times 5th August 2008). Yes, half the world’s primate species are under threat of extinction because people are hunting them and eating them. They are easy to hunt.

These are our close relative and they have the capacity to be self conscious (aware of themselves). They are more intelligent and aware than we give credit for. Yet we kill them inhumanely and brutally to extinction. Surely we can do better than this? There are thousands of other examples from individual cruelty to organized cruelty

Anyway, it is quite difficult to find trusts that give animal welfare grants, so I hope this list proves useful. The list relates to the USA and UK (and one based in Canada). It is far from a complete list of foundations providing animal welfare grants. But it is a good list, which I have brought together. This should save time searching as it took me quite a lot of time to produce this!

The Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust
UK based – The objectives of this trust is to donate to charities that benefit or protect animals, relieve the suffering of animals, the conservation of wildlife and that have as their objective the encouragement of a greater understanding of animals (a wide range of criteria for animal welfare grants). Applications are sent in writing to a London address. The founder was Jean Sainsbury, who died in 2007 and who was no relation to the well known supermarket family.

THE EDNA LINNELL CHARITABLE TRUST – please do a Google search for this.
UK based – This link takes you to the Charity Commission for England and Wales database showing the purposes and contact information for this charity as they do not have a website. This seems to be a general (not animal specific) trust, however.

The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust
UK based but the grants can be made to non UK charities on my reading of the website. Applicants should meet the following criteria: encouraging initiatives to improve animal welfare, promoting alternatives to animal experimentation and those charities promoting and encouraging the alleviation of animal suffering and the prevention of animal cruelty. The trust appears to be based in Scotland. Applications are made to a PO Box in Scotland.

Maddie’s Fund
USA based. They have a policy of not funding government mandated programs. They are actively involved it seems in funding shelter projects, no kill shelter programs.

Summerlee Foundation
USA based. Their objective is to fund programs that are involved with reducing animal cruelty of any kind (and to fund research and education projects on the history of Texas).

Animal Welfare Trust

USA based. Guiding value – animals have a right to be respected and a life free of suffering (my rewording to avoid copy vio). They appear to favor what they term “grassroots” operations that are highly committed to making an impact on improving animal welfare and that have clear well defined goals. They also work in partnership and alone on projects to improve animal welfare.

Animal Welfare Foundation (link broken Dec 2012)
UK based and funding normally given to UK based operations. As at Aug. 2008 funding is restricted to a fund called the GP West Fund.  Applications time limited at the time of writing this to 29th Oct. 2008.

ECLAM and ESLAV Foundation Ltd — link broken Aug 2013
I am not sure where they are based, probably continental Europe. This fund is concerned with improving the welfare of laboratory animals. I am totally against animal experiments but if they are taking place it seems sensible to improve their welfare.

The Tubney Charitable Trust
UK based. This trust has a limited lifespan so applications should not be delayed it would seem. The objectives are to make an impact on UK biodiversity and on improving farm animal welfare internationally. They have provided large sums to large scale projects.

Meacham Foundation Memorial Grant – please Google this organisation.
USA based and under the auspices of American Humane. This foundation provides funding to animal shelters for improvements.

The Second Chance® Fund – please Google this organisation.
USA based and under the auspices of American Humane. This foundation provides funding to animal shelters and organizations towards the expensive cost of longterm medical care for abused animals.

The Garfield Weston Foundation
UK based this is large foundation funding a wide range of projects and organizations some of which touch on animal welfare. Although they say it seems they not make direct animal welfare grants.

The William and Charlotte Parks Foundation for Animal Welfare
USA based and what seems to me to be a long established foundation. They are concerned with making grants for animal protection organizations and individuals (students) whose study can advance the foundation’s objectives.

The Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada
Based in Canada. Wide ranging funder supporting organizations involved in improving the quality of lives of animals in Canada.

Springsteen Foundation
USA based. Their mission is to promote the wellbeing of animals. So, it is quite wide. Not sure if this is linked to Bruce Springsteen.

Cat Shelter Rome – photo by JFA-japan

Photo heading page – animal welfare grants: this is a calf left dying in a stockyard. Image published under a creative commons license = Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

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