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Animal World’s Equivalent of the Victoria Cross. Discussion — 12 Comments

  1. I’m curious though, what you think about other kinds of service dogs? Seeing eye dogs, seizure sniffing dogs, etc. They live a life of servitude, and seem to be happy about it. Do you think they want that life? It might add to the conversation.

    I dream of the world where there are no wars and we wouldn’t have to even discuss this.

    • I think service dogs are good because the cause is good. The reason is good. There is nothing bad about it. It is safe for the dog. The dogs are doing something which is an extension of what they normally do as a companion animal. Dogs in war zones are supporting war, which is a failure and are in mortal danger as well.

  2. I don’t think animals should be used in this way either, they can’t consent to helping to fight a war! No one is forced to be a soldier nowadays, are they? They choose to do it, animals don’t have that choice. What is the good of a ‘Victoria Cross’ to any dog, dead OR alive?

  3. No they don’t. They should not be ‘used’ in war. They get paid with what? Food? Better get that in a nice home than on the battlefield with a bunch of macho warmongers.

    Sorry – but no dog’s life is worth a human life. No dog should die to save a human.


    In this day and age it is the human who should die to save the dog. Seeing yet another animal die for human consumption or use or war etc – it happens everyday. The inverse happens very rarely. And they have the nerve to call it the ‘ultimate sacrifice’ – that is beyond disgusting. Do they think the dog would have voluntarily given up it’s life for the human? Freaks, perverts and idiots – the lot of them.

    The dog doesn;t know its making the ‘ultimate scarifice’ – therefore it cannot be called a sacrifice from the point of view of the dog. Idiots. Seriously. It’s the ultimate sacrifice FOR HUMANS, not bloody dogs. They should say something more like:

    “thank you dog for letting us use you and letting us put you in harms way and ultimately die, something that for us humans is the ultimate sacrifice”

    That’s what they should say.

    • Well said. Couldn’t say it better. Totally agree actually but I tend to use moderated language in articles but sometimes regret it because my feelings are stronger. I just don’t want to upset someone.

    • exactly well said could’ve said it better myself You always know the right words to say. NO dog should have to go to fight off for war. There are good service dogs that serve a good cause. i.e blind dogs, epilepsy ones etc. No animal should have to be put though that ordeal

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