Animals die while those who call themselves animal advocates fight a war using social media as their weapon

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While this particular article is in defense of Crazys Claws N Paws, I think it typical of the spewing of hate one rescue has against another. Not standing strong for the animals, instead attacking each other, has resulted in people who could and would make a difference leaving Facebook.

The world of animal rescue has become brutal and there’s no end in sight. Animals die while those who call themselves animal advocates fight a war using social media as their weapon.

Rebuttals are welcome in the comment section. Be sure you’re speaking from facts and not stories told on Facebook. To intentionally ruin someone’s reputation based on here-say or past charges that were dropped can result in charges of slander/libel.

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In defense of Crazys Claws N Paws by Pam Baxter-Campbell

September 27 at 11:56 PM, posted September 30, 2018

You know, I’m so tired of the BS going on around Tammie Hedges. A number of people on the CCNP Facebook posts have commented on someone being out to get her. Guess what folks, some were.

Amazingly, no one thinks a government official would lie about someone, but they did exactly that. Flat out told lies on public media. And you might wonder why. Maybe because she simply made fools out of them because they didn’t bother to check federal laws first, in the past or present.

You can’t arrest someone because you “think” they are breaking laws. You have to have some type of evidence. Illegal entries, illegal searches, and illegal confiscation of property? Other illegal acts by county staff. And then all of them lying and trying to discredit and destroy her publicly?

Since two officials are probably not going to be in their jobs after this term, why not make every effort to take her down with them? After all, she’ll probably be the reason they won’t be there.

The number of people sharing the lies who know absolutely nothing about the truth and don’t care, more interested in how much more they can damage someone, is a small number compared to those who have offered her support, but they are doing their damage anyway.

I had a post come up on my feed that said dogs are the best judge of bad people. And it’s true. Well, when it comes to dogs, they LOVE Tammie. EVERY. SINGLE. LAST. ONE that comes in contact with her. Neglected, abused, hungry, untrained, scared, well taken care of, doesn’t matter. They trust her. If someone has a problem with getting near a dog, ask Tammie to do it. Cats too.

And all those pics some of you have been passing around? It WAS another rescue out to get her. One she offered to help with getting THEIR state registration and 501c3 at one time. And they only just got their state registration in the last year. But still not a 501c3, although they constantly ask for donations.

But, oh, how fast people turn on you!

There are so many good people in rescue, but the true bad ones are the ones who try their DAMNEDEST to destroy others. Always the same story, destroy them before someone starts to look at you. Those of you who are so quick to condemn her and try to get others to, just can’t wait.

You want her to explain stuff. You think because the county charges were dropped, there are no legal fees. Unfortunately, that’s not true. She still has fees from this. And she cannot legally share some of the explanations. You threaten her, call her names, condemn her, and don’t know jack-shit about anything, but just continue spreading your b.s. sense of righteousness.

And you people are supposed to be in animal rescue because you care???? Care about what??? Your own selfish satisfaction of seeing someone else fall? Trying to make a name for yourselves? I pity the animals that have to tolerate your sense of “care” and the people who have to suffer you in their lives. THEY are truly condemned.


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  1. Some rescuers love animals and hate people. This attitude does not serve their rescue well however, since fosters, adopters and donations are critical to their survival and success. Everyone has their critics unfortunately. This is just part of life. Believe in yourself and the power of Karma! Tammy and her rescue volunteers and supporters are heros!!!! They saved the day for so many animals during the hurricane. Thank you Tammy and the volunteers and supporters for stepping up to save so many!!!

  2. I am curious as to why there is so.much support for Tammie, yet seemingly bugger all for Dennis Glendening in Ohio?

    Bot h are instances of people trying to help animals (abandoned by others) in the most difficult circumstances.

    Who gets to decide who gets the support and who gets destroyed? Who gave anyone who was not directly involved, first hand the right to promote support or campaign for denial of support?

  3. Yep, the best comedy act on earth. You said, “To intentionally ruin someone’s reputation based on here-say or past charges that were dropped can result in charges of slander/libel.”

    And yet I could go back through your articles and comments right here on PoC and find no less than a hundred, perhaps thousands, of examples where you have done just that. In fact, hundreds of examples where you were the hysterical originator of all the online bullying that became campaigns for your little coven of mentally diseased cyber-monsters. And then of course there’s your treasure-trove of tomes and tomes of your relentless libel and slander from that you happily archived for us so it can also be archived elsewhere, where you can’t delete the proof the rest of the world needs about you — into perpetuity.


    As you sow, so shall you reap. Karma comes home to roost. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    • There’s a 2 year window on filing charges for slander or libel and the information not no only has to be false, it has to damage the reputation. Examiner has been gone more than 2 years.

      I defend dogs as well as cats. Do you also hate dogs?

  4. One of the rescuers with the Cajun group that came to help out in NC can vouch for phones not being answered by Wayne County officials. Yet Wayne County said they were available to help. So who do we believe?


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