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Animals Displaced By Floods Get Help — 9 Comments

  1. yea it would be hard for all cats i would imagine i guess thats why need to be prepared. It would be devasting to lose any of my pets. As i know it would be for any of you guys. its been abit hard over here in new zealand in Christchurch they have had bad flooding the worst in 100 yrs apparently.

  2. It’s touching when so many organizations come together, unselfishly, for these causes.

    I have to ask… Is Simon Cowell a common British name?

  3. A brilliant article which I will share.
    It’s good that some charities care about the animals affected by floods, most people when their homes are flooded can help themselves a bit but animals can’t, they don’t know what’s happening or why.
    Yes education on what to do is very important and could save animals lives.

  4. It must be very hard indeed for indoor only animals/cats. I don’t know how Gigi or Molly would deal with this kind of thing. It would be very difficult to manage them. I’d be pretty worried about just losing them – if they ran off scared and never came back or something since they don’t know the outdoors.

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