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  1. With Christmas coming don’t buy any “leather” products from China because more than likely the leather is dog skin/fur which is ripped from live racoon dogs and other dogs. That cute fur pom pom on that hat is dog fur. WARNING. I post these videos to teach people what they buy was made with cruelty.

  2. Even though it’s very probable covid19 came from a bat in a wet market that gave it to a pangolin causing a world wide pandemic and millions have lost their lives or are disabled. But yet China and other countries including the good ol USA still refuse to close these wet markets. Eating companion animals is legal in the USA too. But the cruelty in China is off the charts. They believe the more pain they cause the animal the better the meat. The UK allows racing greyhounds to be shipped to China. They boil them alive and laugh as the dog screams. We’ve been fighting 10 years to stop sending racing dogs to to China. Cruelty is normal in China.

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