Animals’ reaction to music will make you smile

This is a very emotionally warm video. If you thought that animals do not appreciate music I would hope that you’d think again although the experts don’t seem to believe that cats appreciate music. Personally I tend to agree with them. But why then the remarkable responses by the animals in the video?

Animals’ reaction to music
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The cows are the most startling. It might make you look at cows differently. They are individuals. We see them as meat or milk producers. Maybe we should all be vegetarians.

What do we know about the feline response to music!? Not much. I have just searched two excellent books on cats for ‘music’ (on a Kindle) and nothing was found. Not one reference. Dr Morris has a section on it in his book Cat World (not on my Kindle). He’s not sure himself how cats respond to music. He says some cats like it, others show no interest and some detest it.

But he comes down on the side of those who believe that cats do not have a musical sense. In response to music Dr Morris writes:

“All they are doing – and with some remarkable individual variation – is responding to selected notes from the great array that music offers them, according to their own instinctive system of sound signals. Some musical notes trigger off parental feelings, other sexual ones and still others self-protection. The cats are mistaking our messages and we, in the past have reciprocated by misunderstanding theirs.”

Do you have an opinion on whether domestic cats appreciate music?

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