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Animals sacrificed at Niagara Falls in 1827 to entertain crowd of 15,000 — 5 Comments

  1. Could hardly stand reading this. Frankly, I don’t see how we’ve evolved at all concerning animal abuse when it comes to crowd pleasing/entertainment. Is it so much better to keep animals chained, held captive and beaten into submission at zoos and circuses for decades until they die than this?

    • Dee your first sentence has a lot of truth in it. We do still like to exploit animals but perhaps we do it less often and in a less cruel way.

  2. It is a reminder that things have improved with respect to animal welfare in the USA. There have been advances in animal welfare laws and enforcement. Although there is a way to go. The job of improving our relationship with animals is work in progress.

    It is amazing that the businessmen believed that the public would find it entertaining to see animals killed going over the falls. A very blinkered point of view.

    There must have been some spectators who complained and who hated it. There must have been some animal welfare rights people even in those days.

  3. Ugh! I hate humanity’s lack of compassion, and fixation on greed, at the cost of animal or human life. And the spectators among them, like those watching the Christians get slaughtered. Delight in torture. What does this say about humanity? And today in China, the stripping of flesh from dogs and cats while still alive, then boiled to death. Children who grow up with this, take on the violence their family passes on. It makes my heart hurt, and my body ache.

    What is the root of this fixation with torture?

    • I just wonder how many cats were sent over the falls that never made news media. Scary. There’s a lot of detail in media source 1.

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