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Animals That People Presume Are Stupid, Are Not! — 11 Comments

  1. aww marc is she still missing? Hope shes ok where ever she is 🙁 Its great to have u back we all missed you. whats that big long word that u just spelled.

  2. No, animals are not stupid, animals are born knowing what they need to know to be that particular, a goat doesn’t need a diploma to be a goat and surely if someone wants to give a goat some pasta they should just give him it and not make him pull strings in a laboratory to earn it, pointless tests like these make me angry, and worried about what else the damn scientists decide to do to the goats and what is their fate when the scientists move on to primates and other species to perform sometimes pointless and sometimes cruel and painful experiments, are they killed and chucked into the rubbish skip as so many other lab animals are.

  3. Ofcourse, animals, especially cats, aren’t stupid.
    I do question some other beingss like that dreadful snake my son has, frogs, rodents..
    But, in their own way, they make it in the world.

  4. Animals are not dumb, they just speak a different language to us and if we take the time we can understand them and realise they are equally as intelligent, if not more so, than humans.

  5. Interesting – I suppose people anthropomorphisize(?) and assume character traits that conote stupidity in humans must be the same with animals.

    ….and clearly they would be wrong about that.

    (I’m back 🙂 – sad though because of a lost young cat, Molly’s younger sister went missing)

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