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Animals that Steal are Adept at Purloining Precious Items — 34 Comments

  1. Loved the video. LOL Yes our fur children steal. It is more as an attention thing with Miss Mouse. She loves to play fetch and her favorite toy is a drinking straw. She even talks to them. We routinely move furniture and the stove and frig to reclaim items that are missing. I love the clip of the goat drinking soda. We were at a school once teaching farm history and we always took the goats. The kids got to try milking and if they could get a squirt of milk they goat a blue ribbon that said, “I milked a goat today.” It was a hot day and my husband had an orange soda. He set it down and turned his back on one of the goats. She promptly picked it up and did the same thing. She chugged it down. It was funny and the kids all laughed. It didn’t hurt her at all but for a couple of days her milk tasted vaguely of orange. 🙂 BTW goats love to steal things. Contrary to beliefs…they don’t eat tin cans but they love the paper labels. There is also salt in the glue.

  2. Cute video.
    Those raccoons! They can steal anything and are smart as a whip. A cat flap with coons around could be a big mistake unless you are planning to remodel your house anyway.

    • Oh no! I’m seeing double again.
      Also, am I the only one that has to chase a page around on my screen?

  3. Cute video.
    Those raccoons! They can steal anything and are smart as a whip. A cat flap with coons around could be a big mistake unless you are planning to remodel your house anyway.

  4. I love the video. I don’t havve any thieves, but I totally enjoyed watching these in action. Thanks for sharing, it put a needed smile on my face.

  5. Our precious Sunny used to steal pens and drinking straws right under our noses. Loved this video (aside from the obviously ill-advised feeding pizza to raccoons and letting the kid chug-a-lug the Coke…got to admit they are cute, though).

    On a more somber note:

    ***** PLEASE CROSS POST *****

    A peaceful memorial service will be held for the cats recently murdered in Yonkers:

    WHEN: Saturday, May 10, 2014

    TIME: 10:30 a.m.

    PLACE: Meet in the parking lot behind 2 Palisades Avenue at John Street & James Street, Yonkers, NY.

    A Facebook page has been created entitled ‘Yonkers Cats Memorials,’ please visit, ‘like’ and leave compassionate comments:


    Other events are being planned; we will notify everyone of additional events shortly.

    This is not over; this will not be swept under the rug and we must make sure something good comes of this disaster

    Animal Defenders of Westchester

  6. We’ve only had one cat who stole things and that’s our Walter when he was young. He brought home all sorts of clothing, ladies underwear and tights and mens socks, he’d just drop them in front of one of us and walk away.
    We never did find out where they were from.
    Then suddenly he just stopped doing it.

  7. You are right. That was fun! I’ve never had a cat who took things. In fact, I’ve never seen a cat carry something in their mouth. I would enjoy seeing it though. But now that I think about it, I have several earrings without their mate and I have no idea where they got to. I figured they went to join the missing socks world. If there were a thieving cat in the house, it would have to be Bigfoot. He lives his life at night. And, he does try to pick up my arm in his mouth to get me the heck out of bed. I wonder…..

    Marvin just wrestles the rugs. He is strong as an ox and could carry a watermelon if he chose to. But he wants for nothing. And only steals affection!

    • This was probably a dairy drink because cats love dairy food products because they contain fat which they like that because it is full of energy, which makes me question why humans are so against fatty foods. We are different to cats, aren’t we?

      • yea thats one side to her shes a dark tortie yea it was berry yoghurt i love to have it in a glass. I just had to take a pic of her. I my other cats never done this before so i was amazed. Shes definitly very confident and loves to be there in the action. Ive decided to keep her inside at night as laterly . With my other two boys one got into a fight and ozzie which im not sure whats happened he has been hurt in some way. His tail is crooked some people ive told think hes been raped as hes very defensive from his behind. If hes no better on monday will prob have to take him to the vet. 🙁

    • AWW! What a sweetie.
      Hard to tell, but she looks like a dark torti. Right?
      I hope so. I love those torti girls and their attitudes.

      • yea shes a dark torite thats just one side of her. Soon ill be posting some scrapbook pages of some more of her. Just getting organised. Yea shes heaps of fun

  8. well jasmin likes to pinch food when we are eating it. I.e anything with milk or any food. beloe is a pic of her doing that with yoghurt.

  9. Red used to bring me leaves and occasionally strange objects from other peoples gardens.

    But once I was on a rooftop in the desert in India – and I was basically mugged by a monkey complete with baby hanging off her – for my mango drink. It was sat right next to me and she came running in, hissed very menacingly at me, came within about two feet of me, grabbed the drink and ran for it. We were laughing about if for a while.

    But seriously – where there are monkeys you have to close your windows so they can’t get in and steal stuff. If you are in danger of a group of them you have to bend towards the ground as if to pick up a rock and they will run for their lives. If you don’t know this, then you might get attacked by monkeys or dogs. The animals know that you can throw rocks and it’s the only thing that truly scares them away. They can tell if you are a tourist and don’t kow this trick and they will be very agressive. Perhaps Rudolph has the same experience in India – I don’t know but it was certainly mine in asia and south america.

    • The way Red brought you leaves was a very gentle thing to do and I suppose that it has to be a version of hunting. He was bringing back his prey but as I say it was a very gentle version of it.

      I enjoyed your story about the monkeys. They recognise certain human behaviour and understand that it means danger. I had never heard that before.

      Another example of how animals can be very smart, often much smarter than people think.

      • Well check this out – fish are very smart too. I used to spearfish when I was growing up – mask snorkel flippers – diving down with a harpoon – sort of like a crossbow. Anyhow – fish are curious like all animals. If you jump in the water they come up to you. If you are holding a harpoon they swim off far away. If you corner one of them they will give you their tail as a target. They actually know they make a smaller target by facing away. I think that’s pretty incredible.

        For the record I caught hundreds of fish as a kid. I was very good at it. Never with a line. Never using tricks. Only by holding my breath and entering their world. I felt fishing with a line was cruel. I ate them all for dinner too. Never wasted a fish.

        Later in life I made a lot of art based around fish. Lots of fish pictures and even ones that hung from the ceiling. Bit of a fish obsession.

        And now if I were to jump in the water I would not be able to go out with the harpoon anymore – not unless I really needed to catch some dinner. I can relate to the ‘hunt’ in the sense it’s tricky and requires skill and precision. That gives you a sense of achievement. But everything else I do’t understand. Like killing animals for sport or anything really – for fun. Just awful. But with my fishing I don’t have a perfectly clean record. But I never used a line and I never used nets – I always felt that was cheating and sort of mean. But that’s me. Others would say I am brutal for using a harpoon. But a hook does not kill a fish. A harpoon usually does. The amount of times I would have to bash a persons newly caught fish over the head to kill it because they would’t is depressing. Once when I was about 8 years old somebody caught a little fish and put it in a bucket and the fish was swimming in circles in the bucket. This made me nuts – I felt like it was the ultimate cruelty to do that to the fish so I threw the whole bloody bucket fish and all overboard. Got in a lot of trout;e for it but no regrets. It’s one of my earliest memories I can still picture. That fish spinnig around a yellow plastic bucket just lit me like a fuse. I couldn’t take it and just freaked out in an 8 year old sort of way.

        Ironic that I used to kill a lot of fish though. Everybody has different views on these things. But empathy is key to making sure the fish don’t suffer. You know a lot of people spend all day fishing. They catch tiny little pathetic baby fishes and they unhook them ad throw them back in. All just for fun. Disgusting. This is common practice too. Just awful. Humans need all kids of stupidity for entertainment.

        • There was a lot of discussion about fish in the UK about a year ago. It was about animal rights and the intelligence of fish. Whenever I look at and listen to news stories about commercial fishing in the North Sea and how fish are treated as if they are inanimate objects reproducing in a vast sea, I think that these are living creatures and we do not know fully or hardly at all how they feel, how they sense things, whether they have emotions and all the other fundamental questions which we need to ask before we treat them as “objects” or “items”. It is just typical human behavior. One day people will realise that fish have emotions.

        • wow thats amazing see even at a young age you had emotions for animals although not cats you still had that empathy for not hurting. thats amazing though. Sounds like you loved the water too 🙂

  10. so so nice to see something different. Im in the process of creating some photos of my cats as i think need some postive things with the last few days been abit depressing. I think also Ozzie been raped from a tom so will be keeping a close eye on him. Poor baby.

  11. My cat is not a criminal 😉 He has never stolen anything. None of my cats have ever stolen anything! I think I’m missing out on the fun.

    I wonder whether Siamese cats are more prone to being criminals than other cats!

    On a more serious note, briefly, stealing items from around the house must be the domestic cat’s version of hunting prey and then taking it back to a secure place where it can be eaten safely.

    If that is correct, and the general opinion is as stated, then it is a bit sad that a domestic cat has to prey on household items rather than the real thing but, as you say, it is amusing.

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