Animals that Steal are Adept at Purloining Precious Items

Since the recent issues we have been dealing this week are heartbreaking and disturbing, I thought it would be both entertaining and fun to put them aside for a moment and end the week with some lighthearted humor.

siamese cat stealing human-food

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Therefore, today’s article contains both some delightful and hilarious material which is designed to tickle funny bones and lighten up the day. After all, they say that “Laughter is the best medicine”.

There are countless ways in which our furry and feathered friends make their presence endearing to us. It’s nearly impossible to list them since there are so many. In fact, their amusing behavior entertains us for hours on end and quickly chases our doldrums on their merry way.

I personally think that most pet guardians will agree, that in addition to the unconditional love our fur family members offer us willingly, along with the enjoyment that we derive when we play with them, they cheer us up with their comedic antics which often trump the most hilarious television shows. What makes this hilarity even better is not having to contend with commercials.

The other day while surfing the Internet, I accidentally ran across an animal video that had me laughing so hard I just about fell off my chair. I also had to be extremely careful not to let our cats view it. It would be extremely unwise of me to let them watch material which possibly might provide them with novel suggestions on how to expand their rather extensive repertoire and up their enjoyment of pilfering items around our house!

Years later we are still missing a slew of watches, eye glasses, TV remotes, socks and other essential items we were forced to replace. I tell you that their not so sneaky behavior has cost us more than a pretty penny. This said I remain hopeful that when it’s time for us to move, these articles may eventually be found under the fridge or the stove. Sigh . . . our kitties are extremely brilliant little cat burglars

While it’s a tad embarrassing, I must admit that with their incredible passion for stealing things and squirreling them away (pardon the expression), when Dr. Hush Puppy teams up with Sir Hubble Pinkerton, with their lust for poaching and their skill in the thievery department, if Bonny and Clyde were still alive our cats would definitely teach them a thing or two.

I’d bet my bottom dollar that our readers will positively get their quotients of daily laughter while watching some of the most spontaneous and skillfully planned outrageous behavior ever captured on film. These felonious acts were performed by a wide variety of representatives from the animal kingdom.

However, to prevent any of your pets from getting some outlandish ideas, please do heed my warning to keep your pets as far away from your computer screen as possible. I very much doubt if your treasured objects will be covered by your household theft insurance for items purloined by your pets.

Do take a moment out of your busy day to watch the video uploaded to YouTube by Aneh Unik.

Update: video no longer functions – sorry (Admin).

Are you aware of any of your things disappearing mysteriously? Do you have any furry suspects in mind? You are purrfectly safe to share your concerns here in a comment.


Photo credit: Flickr User Vaguely Artistic

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34 thoughts on “Animals that Steal are Adept at Purloining Precious Items”

  1. Loved the video. LOL Yes our fur children steal. It is more as an attention thing with Miss Mouse. She loves to play fetch and her favorite toy is a drinking straw. She even talks to them. We routinely move furniture and the stove and frig to reclaim items that are missing. I love the clip of the goat drinking soda. We were at a school once teaching farm history and we always took the goats. The kids got to try milking and if they could get a squirt of milk they goat a blue ribbon that said, “I milked a goat today.” It was a hot day and my husband had an orange soda. He set it down and turned his back on one of the goats. She promptly picked it up and did the same thing. She chugged it down. It was funny and the kids all laughed. It didn’t hurt her at all but for a couple of days her milk tasted vaguely of orange. 🙂 BTW goats love to steal things. Contrary to beliefs…they don’t eat tin cans but they love the paper labels. There is also salt in the glue.


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