Anonymous couple pays adoption fee for 35 animals at Tennessee shelter

A couple who wishes to remain anonymous has made a contribution of $205 to the Rutherford County, Tennessee animal shelter. The donation covers the adoption fee for 35 animals in the care of Rutherford County PAWS at the time.

adoption fee paid
Signs state adoption fee has been paid (screenshot)
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The dogs and cats have a special tag on their cages letting people know the adoption fee is covered. The shelter says the couple came into the shelter and asked how much was needed to pay the fee so that every dog and cat could get a forever home.

Baileigh Beck, the animal care technician at Rutherford County Paws, stated during an interview with News4

“They wanted every animal to have homes and they didn’t want something as silly as costs to be in the way.”

The shelter says they’ll still carefully screen those who put in an application to adopt. This is a kind gesture, providing applicants are thoroughly screened (including vet references and hopefully a home visit because one can’t be too careful).

The kindness of this couple is what we need to see more of. To pay an adoption fee for an individual or an approved rescue to save a cat or dog frees up funds for other needs such as toys, food, and comfy beds.

Rutherford, TN map

The shelter would like to remind people that adopting a pet is a huge responsibility and that they will make sure the dogs and cats go to good homes.


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