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Anonymous pretty woman eats extremely crunchy and delicious, grilled domestic cat and more — 3 Comments

  1. Oh please. Get a life. And some proper English grammar lessons. You seem severely undereducated.
    I will grill a cat in your memory tonight. Just have to run over one first, which won’t be a problem. And if it still twitches, I’ll stomp on it.

    • Hank, thank you for commenting and revealing to me what a disgusting individual you are. If what you write is genuinely reflective of your character, it would give me great pleasure to stomp on you, provided I could get away with it. You are a disgusting individual and you’re very lucky that I’ve allowed your comment to remain on this website. Don’t make any more comments because they will be deleted.

  2. I live in the West and definitely understand the human need for food. I understand that many cultures don’t have a problem playing with their food (pets). I was raised to not play with my food.

    I do, however, have a problem with the way the food is cooked and killed. What do I mean? Didn’t I write that backwards? Didn’t I mean killed and cooked?


    I’ve seen videos of these animals being prepared for the plate.
    – Some use giant pots of boiling water and throw the animals in ALIVE! When they try to escape, they are beaten back into the water.
    – Others use a blow torch and cook the animal to death. Each time one struggles, it is beaten and burned in the face.

    And we tell our children that there is no such thing as monsters. Then punish them for telling lies.

    This is horrendous and needs to end!

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