Another Busy Week by Furby

By Furby the Feral

My newest photo

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My newest photo

My newest photo My sleeping spot Shhh...trying to hide This is SO embarrassing

Hi everybody! It's Furby! We've had a really busy week and I want to tell everybody about it. I've spent the first part of the week laying around being ignored. Mainly for two reasons.

The first is that mama is still busy building my gallery. She's added over 400 photos this week. Not of me (thank goodness). People send me pictures of their cats and mama adds them. Plus she's picking some shelters to show off their dogs and cats. You can send me pictures at

I thought I was safe from the camera because mama didn't have a card reader for her camera and when that happens she just leaves me alone until another comes in the mail.

It came so I'm being put back to work. She has another one ordered as a spare. So I may as well get used to bright flashes and funny noises-again. Ah, the price of fame...

Yesterday mama got something for me called "insurance." She only got it on me so I don't know if that's good or bad. She even wrote a blog on it here.

Mama was so happy last night after she got the "insurance" that I let her give me a massage that took FOREVER. I followed her to the bedroom and let her pet me and then I took a LONG nap on her shoulder. I was reading a book with her and just fell asleep.

You all know I'm an accident waiting to happen. None of the other critters are as accident prone as I am. I overshot my cat house this morning and landed under the kitchen bar. My blue blanky is in there so I sleep there a lot. I'm so clumsy! Mama wouldn't have found out about that but sissy Laura ran her mouth again and told on me. Other than that, I've been a good little kitty.

Laura came home from babysitting tonight and my tail was wet from something. I think I dunked it in the dishwater. Or I may have checked out the shower after mama got out. So guess what? I don't even need to say it. I got another bath. It's been awhile so I didn't really mind it. I've felt a little "feral stinky" for a few days and I'm surprised sissy waited till tonight.

The only thing bad about it is the camera. Mama's been wanting a picture of me after my bath. Actually she wants a MOO-vie but I'm too fast for her. She thinks it's funny when I shake my legs one at a time when I'm still wet. She's gonna have to pay me with more than chicken and broccoli if she wants to put that online for everyone to see.

The wet cat look is embarrassing enough.

I hope everybody has a good week. I'm trying to be good and we don't have much to report until I do something wrong. It's a GOOD thing I can't stay out of trouble for very long. Are any of you believing that excuse?


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Another Busy Week by Furby

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Aug 08, 2010 I do get oily
by: Furby

I don't know how but I do. Don't worry about me staying cool. I live indoors with my cat stepmama Lola and the temperature's great. I've had 4 baths in 9 months. Sissy Laura brushes me out after I dry.

Oh, and I get held in a towel and blanket while I'm drying and take a nap.

Tracey-am I spoiled?


Aug 08, 2010 You look fab!
by: Tracey (England)

Furby you look fab! A real star! I am concerned about the amount of baths you seem to be getting though. Does your mamma not know that cats aren't supposed to be bathed unless they have something sticky or oily on their coat.

Tell your mama that exessive bathing removes all your natural oils leaving you prone to skin conditions.

Tell her that you wash yourself ok and that when you get bathed your fur sticks up. Its supposed to lie flat to keep you cool.

Other than that she's doing a grand job!!

Aug 08, 2010 Another busy week by Furby
by: BJ

I really love the new picture, you look like a movie star cat. The insurance, well, it is just in case you get hurt, it will pay for the vet to fix you right up. So, don't worry about it.

I have the same problem you have, I leaned over the side of the bed to get my pillow that slid off in the floor, next thing I remember I was on the floor looking at the ceiling.

The 3 ferel cats that we are feeding are growing, and gettling a little closer, I can pet the mama cat;but the 2 babies don't run unless I move. I put them some toys to play with. I tied them to the big meatal table we have on the porch. They sure do love to play with them. I have you a toy when I come to see you again. Until then, keep mama happy.

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