Another cat microchipping happy ending: The story of siblings Cookie and Star who were reunited with their owner

This is the happy ending story of TWO cats who were reunited with their owner after they went missing from the backyard of their Blackpool, England home in late 2016.

cat reunited
Star recently reunited with her owner (courtesy photo)
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Karen Wiley, 35, was always afraid her cats Cookie and Star (they’re siblings) had been stolen from their home for breeding purposes since they both went missing around the same time. Cookie, a long-haired ginger male, was reunited a year later through his microchip after he was found dodging diggers on a Layton building site.

Now Star, a beautiful tortoise-shell girl has made it home after more than two and a half years. Again, microchipping made the reunion possible. Star was found wandering in the same area where Cookie was found. Cath Middleton of Blackpool Nine Lives along with pet rescue group Homeward Bound helped make both reunions possible.

cat reunited
Cookie was found first (courtesy photo)

It’s unknown whether someone took the two cats in and later dumped them or whether Cookie and Star survived on their own. Cath offered some good advice in an interview with Blackpool Gazette

“We’re always getting calls through from people who have found cats and the first thing way say is to call Homeward Bound or take them to the vets for a microchip scan, because then it can be reunited straight away. Microchips are wonderful things that way.”

Blackpool map

Karen is beyond thrilled to have both of her cats home.

“I couldn’t even put into words how I feel. I’m so, so relieved because they are part of my family. “They remembered me straight away. They never leave my side. It’s like they’ve never been away. I’m delighted and I feel so grateful to whoever looked after them.”

More pets would be reunited with family if finders would immediately take a cat or dog to a veterinarian or animal society to have it scanned.

Karen had moved to Scotland before Cookie was found and had kept her microchip information up to date on her cats. They’re back home with her now because she had her cats microchipped and followed up with her change of address.

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