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Another graphic picture of cat claw regrowth after declawing operation

On November 8 2017 I posted some pictures of the regrowth of a cat’s dewclaw after it was removed in a declawing operation (as were the other claws). Remember this is not ‘declawing’ per se. It is a partial amputation of each toe from the last knuckle. That page got 56,000 shares. So people are genuinely interested in this but despite some progress in banning it in the US it is still carried out across the country on large numbers of tiny, defenceless, bemused kittens and adults.

Click to see it a bit larger if you wish (opens new tab).

Declaw regrowth of the dewclaw after dewclawing operation. Photo in public domain and found by Cassandra Wants Paws website.

Well, above is another picture of declaw regrowth. Once again it is the dewclaw. It is not quite as horrendous but it is pretty bad. It is like a huge spiral of claw under the skin tinged with staining from blood. The picture on the right is the removed spiral of claw. As you can see it does not look like a claw as it is so ingrowing.

It is just horrible and to think that a ‘doctor’ caused this and got away with it. Ten-to-one he or she is unaware of it and are continuing to convince unsuspecting cat owners that declawing is okay and is necessary when it is not. And it is quite probably that the doctor is still botching their surgery. Don’t have your cat declawed – please. It is unnecessary.


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