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Another Rescue Operation in China Saves 1000 Cats — 8 Comments

  1. I wish that China could be wiped off of the face of the earth.
    Ofcourse, that would never happen.
    Incredibly, I just read that we, the United States of America, owe China 1.3 TRILLION DOLLARS. And, we’re about to default on that loan.
    Based on this, I expect that we have no choice but to condone, or contribute to their idiocy.
    It makes me sick.

    • I think you have hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately America can’t kick China’s ass when they owe so much. America is substantially weakened by their national debt and so is the UK. America finds it impossible to live within its means although fracking for oil may change things except that it will probably wreck the beautiful American landscape.

  2. I have seen all the videos, cruelty videos about EAST IS BEAST that is what I always say. Awakening calls end up with human cruelty and fightings, all leaders and ministers know it, they are fan of cat meat, and now started dog meat. They are Chinese for God sake, any time they are gonna start eating human meat. GOG MAGOG nation πŸ™

    • I hate to say it but there is a lot about China which is bad for the planet and they are causing a lot of animal welfare problems as well as polluting the planet massively but America pollutes the planet as much as China and they should know better. East is Beast is a nice description.

      • Absolutely right Michael, and you know when I saw these videos on youtube (through proxy site) I was sick for several days and I was not able to share or speak to anyone at home or with a friend. Just got the unknown temperature upto 101 and 103 everyday and weakness throughout the body. When my wife observed that I have totally become silent, she could not resist and asked me which I told her and let her watch the videos. My wife gets angry instantly and start abusive langs against the cruel. That was her reaction and from that time she started to hate CHINA personally.

        Its very strange that their higher authorities are involved in to the big business and two countries are the basis for their fur trade

        1. USA
        2. CANADA

        I don’t know how they can tolerate the cruelty and how this CHINA, CANADA and USA triangle has formed its roots so strong that there is no way to stop this trade. Never ever any law has been discussed about it. I don’t know what to say but CHINA is a very big big danger for the upcoming time and they are imposing their language and culture through media and radio in Pakistan. All is about politics and not affiliation or love.

        I don’t know any thing about the future rightly but I can just smell, if the world is not gonna stop them from right here, Michael I and you (Western people and eastern like me) will be very rare soon.

        I hate CHINA because they are inhumane and I hate every inhumane on this planet earth. May Allah guide us all towards the right path, ameen. STOP EATING AND SLAUGHTERING CATS. πŸ™

  3. The cats in their cages are identical to the transport of “Broiler Chickens” for slaughter.Seems the “Cat fur trade” is more profitable than the meat trade.But then don’t some of the citizens of Switzerland one of the wealthiest and most sophisticated country in the world relish cat meat and cat fur.Every Country and culture has its own traditions and taste for food and its difficult changing the attitudes.In India slaughtering milch cattle is banned although beef(Buffalo & Bulls) is consumed and also exported .

    • I know domestic cats are eaten in some countries but I was not aware they are killed for their fur.
      What are they doing with the domestic cat fur?
      Also, are their sources for meat so limited that they must eat cat meat or do they actually enjoy the flavor?
      In Africa, the illegal practice of poaching and consumption of chimpanzees is primarily due to:
      1. The necessity in some areas because of limited sources of other animals.
      2. Some Africans enjoy the taste of them. Poachers (usually poor villagers) are paid high sums of money to kill and/or transport their parts to those who purchase them either for sale or consumption.

      • What are they doing with the domestic cat fur?

        It is in your gloves and other clothing accessories as well as toys, trinkets etc.. Cat fur is everywhere. And the cats and dogs are killed brutally to keep the fur in good condition. Don’t think about it.

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