Answers to some of your comments and questions

by Catriona
(Rocky Ford, Colorado)

Traditional Siamese Male, 2006

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Traditional Siamese Male, 2006

I am just starting as a small hobby breeder of Traditional and Traditional/Classic Siamese. I don't have a web site yet, but my cattery is Xi-Gua Siamese of Rocky Ford.

With regard to CFA not recognizing Traditional Siamese -- it's true they don't recognize them as meeting their modern breed standard, but there are quite a few pedigreed Traditional Siamese out there who are registered with CFA, with pedigrees of many generations of Traditional CFA-registered Siamese. I own one of these cats, Shoobox Kubla Khan of Xi-Gua, (call name Conn). Conn was bred by Shirley Miller of Shoobox Cattery (one of your links below), and he is an extreme Traditional type -- cobby and muscular, with wide, round face, and springy fur. I've attached a photo of him taken by someone else -- not very good, but it shows his shape and beautiful eyes.

The existence of the long pedigrees, full of champions, for these types of cats in CFA's records rather undermines the claim of some modern Siamese breeders that the Traditional is an outcross or just a badly-bred Siamese.

Addressing your comments on the traditional breeder sites below:

Traditional Siamese in San Diego is owned by Diane Dunaway. Shoobox Cattery, also in San Diego, is owned by Shirley Miller. They are not affiliated, but have done a lot of breeding to each other's cats.

Shadows Cattery has redone their site since you visited it. It is much easier to find one's way around. They are located in Aguanga, California.

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Answers to some of your comments and questions

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May 28, 2011
diane dunaway
by: Anonymous

I have purchased two cats from Diane Dunaway - the first cat has a very low lung capacity and gets winded very quickly when she is playing. The second one I allowed her to ship to me based off a beautiful side portrait picture. When the cat arrived, he looked like a ferret. Totally different than the picture that was sent, plus the cat is cross eyed. His personality is wonderful, however, $800 plus air shipping costs - I was taken a second time. I would not buy her cats.

May 20, 2011
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May 18, 2011
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Nov 28, 2010
Traditional Siamese Asso. Misleading Pet Buyers
by: Cindy A.

I'm very concerned that the Traditional Cat Asso. is misleading pet buyers and undermining the reputation of the Traditional Siamese breed.
The Traditional Cat Association, apparently run out of a garage in Washington State, is collecting fees to 'register' any cat as a breeding cat if the owner is willing to pay a fee. The cat owner need not have any proof of purity. All an owner needs to do is send Diana Fineran (who runs the Traditional Cat Association) a cat photo and a check and Ms. Fineran will 'register' a cat as a breeding cat. As a result, cats from shelters or off the street, about whom nothing is known, are being turned into profitable breeding animals. In turn, unsuspecting pet buyers, by assuming that 'registered' means 'pure' are victimized by unwittingly paying a premium price for a mixed breed cat. I almost was the victim of this when looking for a purebred Traditional Cat but, during careful questioning of one of the Traditional Cat Association breeders, the breeder finally admitted that her cats were 'registered' but not 'pure'. As it turns out, she'd gotten the father from a shelter and the mother was a rescue she found under her neighbor's house. Is it any wonder that now so many professional breeders question if the so called, Traditional Siamese is pure or not? I think we can all agree that, given the cat over-population problem, only the finest specimens should be bred. Unfortunately this 'registration' scam is apparently legal but, in my opinion highly unethical. And, while it has put money in the hands of Diana Fineran, this shady practice has done permanent damage to this beautiful breed by putting the reputation of every Traditional Siamese in question and by encouraging irresponsible breeding of non-purebred cats that should be pets, rather than sources of profit. Fortunately there is a happy ending to my story as I ultimately found a wonderful breeder with CFA registered Traditional Siamese cats that had exactly what I wanted.

Dec 11, 2009
re CFA and "recognizing":
by: Ariane

Thanks for pointing out that there are indeed Siamese of the older style who are registered with the CFA. CFA registrations are based on ancestry, requiring at least 8 documented generations of purebred Siamese ancestors. So it is not really the most accurate wording to say they "do not recognize" traditional / old style Siamese.
It would be more accurate to say that, although they "recognize" them in the sense of registering them as Siamese (if they meet that requirement) , these cats do not conform closely enough to the modern CFA Siamese breed standard (and influential breeders and judges' interpretation of the standard) to be competitive in CFA show halls today.

4 thoughts on “Answers to some of your comments and questions”

  1. Does anyone have more info on Diane Dunaway Kramer? She seems to be only after money after saying on her site she wants to match kittens with the best personality household. Its weird she just asks for a deposit and doesn’t really care about the owner’s personality.
    Can someone post what their experience with her was like? Did she give health agreements? etc

  2. i have purchased two kittens from Diane Dunaway. The first cat lived for 16 years,he was a magnificent apple head seal point. Even tempered, regal. Loved by all. Died February 14. 2013. Took many vacations with us. The second kitty, Cecil, the lionhearted is 6 months old.OMG he is so beautiful. Stunning blue eyes, perfect points. Active, also regal, intertaining, and shows his love ..always. Would recommend Diane highly.. So pleased with our kitty. He is so smart …Cassandra and Victor . Also kitty shipped across country

    1. I am thinking about purchasing a cat from Diane. I just wanted to make sure she is a reputable breeder. She said she raises cats in her home as pets. The price is high so I want to check on her.

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