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Answers to some of your comments and questions — 4 Comments

  1. Does anyone have more info on Diane Dunaway Kramer? She seems to be only after money after saying on her site she wants to match kittens with the best personality household. Its weird she just asks for a deposit and doesn’t really care about the owner’s personality.
    Can someone post what their experience with her was like? Did she give health agreements? etc

  2. i have purchased two kittens from Diane Dunaway. The first cat lived for 16 years,he was a magnificent apple head seal point. Even tempered, regal. Loved by all. Died February 14. 2013. Took many vacations with us. The second kitty, Cecil, the lionhearted is 6 months old.OMG he is so beautiful. Stunning blue eyes, perfect points. Active, also regal, intertaining, and shows his love ..always. Would recommend Diane highly.. So pleased with our kitty. He is so smart …Cassandra and Victor . Also kitty shipped across country

    • I am thinking about purchasing a cat from Diane. I just wanted to make sure she is a reputable breeder. She said she raises cats in her home as pets. The price is high so I want to check on her.

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